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Today, the health and beauty industry is really something that every man woman and child is willing to invest in!  Either you are selling it or buying it because these times favor the good looking!  Let’s face it, impressions matter and if you are not so good looking then you might not get that job for which you have an interview if you show up unshaven with sweat patches under your arms!  In the far east people spend millions of dollars you be surgically perfected into Barbie dolls and in the west actors and actresses go through phenomenal changes with not only their hair but body as well to look the part that they are trying to sell!  
If you are a Pakistani then you have been sold as a kid by your parents to the school system to get you admission because the night before you had a haircut and on that morning your mom made sure that you smelt extra good and went to the toilet before you met your judge jury and executioner for the next few years of your life!  If you are middle aged then you know that you went to get waxed, shaved polished, manicured and pedicured before you sold your self to that lucky person who would show you some form of fireworks that you want in your life!
Today it’s not about a ladies salon or the old school barbers shop any more.  People who are smarter and wiser love to spend time making sure that they look good and this is where the glorified housewives turned beauticians make a killing!  The old hags who have dominated the press and have withstood the test of time have botoxed themselves into trying to sell the same regime to aunties who keep getting ripped off but never leave them.  Guys on the other hand are more adventurous and will plunge into trying a new establishment because hey its wax on and wax off! If I was trying to sell you women a new hair joint I would have better luck convincing you that we are still owned by the British because when it comes to your looks every old hag knows that she is loyal to her special stylist!
What is style?  Style is something that is always acceptable to you and if you are comfy with it and you are happy in your own way then that is your style!  Sadly society identifies itself with clich├ęs and refuses to accept something new in the form of a spa or a salon unless they have seen it on Hum TV or some wannabe TV star gets a couple of free bikini waxes and texts and tweets about it in exchange as payment!  (I’m talking about the guys here!  Female TV artists are another world of beggars who think that three minutes of fame allow them to push the begging bowls of freebies thus taking the make up industry for granted)
Those salons who give in make a buck by (overcharging you the average person) and they make you feel great that you are paying quadruple the price because they are terrified to tell you that if they didn’t, these salons would NOT be able to pay their bijli and dhobi ka bills for the towels they used to wipe down the bikini wax areas which are now being used to freshen your smile!  If all else fails these salons quickly run to Deal Today and try to make up for lost time there in the form of value thus compromising on quality of service and products.
I visited a joint today called Sephora and it was a refreshing change to see that the place was very unique!  It caters to the metrosexual human being that has an appreciation of the finer things in life!  Sephora is unisex and the best thing about it is that there are professionals who cater to your needs.  What I found absolutely remarkable was that the place had an immense amount of Glam value to it.  
So much so that I thought that Salvatore Ferregamo would definitely frequent the place.  The owner has created a fantastic venue for people to meet and where the modern day couple could either get any form of treatment done together or with exclusive privacy!   When I talk about wow factor I must tell you that there is that splurging of money on an establishment where one screams new money but when it comes to Sephora one realizes that this display of wealth in the form of design simplicity and ambience is not there to impress you but let you know that it whispers elegance and class!
If you are to tell me that the owner worked for a well-known hair stylist for close to a decade and that she got it all from there then let me tell you one thing!  I respect her zeal for pushing the norms to break away from the job market and having the courage to venture out on her own as that takes an immense amount of guts which every Pakistani does not have!  
If you walk into the establishment you will soon realize that you are not talking to daddy’s little girl rather someone who has enough experience to that will convince you break the norms and go with a unique look that suits you!  I think that is great! Why? Because let’s face it, no point in walking into a local brand name to get the same cut. Most stylists for fear of losing you will never suggest something new and be adventurous because if you moan at a coffee party your stylist will be renamed as a Kasai.
For this new venture to work I am sure that all those opinionated aunties out there will run away for sure because they will be too afraid to try experiencing something new!  The youth between 16 to 45 will fall in love with the place because it also give you daycare for your kids and whilst you moms are having your toes painted you can also get juniors hair trimmed to look extra cute in whatever school you want them to be in!  its remarkable as the owner has thought of everything and has catered to the working and stay at home moms because it is a relief to have your kids being watched whilst you can focus on being ready for that someone who you will want to watch you at night!  
The youth will love it because the place is simply cool and it gives you an iPad to play with whilst you chill out with free wifi…  Oh yes if you are an old school banker and do not want to play Pet Rescue then you can also use the iPads to read your favorite paper on line!  Sephora has not yet been officially launched so I would suggest that you do visit it and experience the quality that you expect!  I am sure that when it comes to salons Sephora will raise the expectation bar to a whole new level and definitely make every other salon evaluate their existing service and quality standards!

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