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If you live in Pakistan and belong to that strata of society where you own a car with an A/C (does not matter if you lease it or own it on cash) then let’s face it, you either have experienced some or all of the following things mentioned below!
  1. Your car is the last thing that you worry about because life is too hectic and you are trying to make ends meet thus ignoring it to a point where you do the bare minimum to keep it running so that it is able to help you make a quick buck to keep your home kitchen running.
  2. You have that one mechanic and service wala like a mobile wala, ghar ka electrician or plumber who you trust but in reality is a Gandu because he makes a mamoo out of you and takes advantage of your inability to spend time getting things fixed so whilst giving you a deal he does f**k all only ensure you wind up back with him in 30 – 60 days with some problem again!
  3. When it comes to buying a new car and you want to sell your old one you need a mochi to stitch up your rear end after you hear the estimated value given to you because you ignored your movable asset to a point of no return and it’s too late to try to put life back into the dead horse.
  4. In Pakistan we take things for granted and we loooove to listen to our friends and people love to give advice but very seldom are they willing to put their own money into what they offer you as a form of advice.  Bottom line your friends are the ones who will not bother paying you back and taking you for granted but will demand everything from you on a yesterday basis!
Now in life all of us go to work because we HAVE to do so.  We stop and the lights go off in the house and there’s no candy for the maasi to come and clean and in turn your chowkidaar finds a house with a cuter maasi! Very few of us have the luxury of going beyond the norms and doing something ridiculous and making a good buck to keep our homes running!  I am one of those few who does just that but there is also another person whom I have known since childhood who really loves waking up and working!
The man is AC or Adnaan Chaudhary and he cleans cars for a living!  I have known Adnaan for about 31 years now and we have some similar traits.  If you know me then either you want to slap me silly and put masking tape on my mouth and call me an insane “mother f*cker” because I am blunt opinionated and give off an air that my farts don’t smell and know it all, or you give me the respect of picking up my phone call on the first ring and not only do you swallow up what tech solution I am selling, but you inwardly digest it transfer the funds online and wait for the invoice because you know ke “yeh kahin nahi jaaye ga!”  Now that is Adnaan when it comes to cars!
Adnaan Chaudhary like me has had a rough life because he was born in a society where everyone in the early 80’s used to walk around with the bank of dad ATM card 24 hours a day and never had to work to get where they are today because it was handed to them.  (half the people we know today who we call successful are those who have inherited this social wealth)  I mean give me a break if daddy left you ten arab dollars it’s no achievement if you made a million more on that!   If you however worked hard you whole life and you own your own car and home (not mortgage or leased) even if it is a small house then you are successful in my eyes!  (I yet have to get there by the way!)
Adnaan started off as a misfit who started teaching and was so passionate that Annu got scared due to his desire to ensure his students did well.  Adnaan won half the battle because kids respected because he has this ability to connect with someone and kids can easily see through social politics like a pet because they unlike us adults are not so corrupted by social politics!  As he was crazy about cars and always has been but could (at that point in the 80’s) not afford his own S Class he started something unique many years late and that was detailing cars like it was done in the US.
Any over smart Gutka chewing service walla will strip your vehicle and your wallet using abrasive chemicals thus giving it shine but not do a proper job!  Adnaan will break your car down to the frame and clean it with a toothbrush and make sure that he and his team can restore the value of your car.  The funny thing is that if you can digest the ability to accept that you are a serial rapist after the way you have treated your asset then you should go to Detail Pro because they are actually very honest with all that they do!
They have many more than satisfied customers because they have the ability to deliver honest quality.  The only drawback here at detail Pro is that you HAVE to wait your turn!  Yes get in line because Adnaan ensures that he personally looks into each cars himself.  Rather than become a pump wala where there are larkas doing the stuff Adnaan is one of the Larkas and you will often find him under your car healing it from all the abuse that you have put her through!
Personally I have never been to Adnaan to get my car cleaned actually restored & if you know me I am not writing about him because he offered to service “me”(my ego) for free I am writing about him because in ridiculous times like the ones we live in when there is someone or something out there who has had the ability to withstand the test of time through honest good intentions and smart hard effort it needs to be brought to light!
My advice check out the page and if you do decide to visit him then for God’s sake consider him to be an experienced professional who will guide you as to the reality of the here and the now of what he can do for you!  Only go to him if you will listen to him and understand what he is all about!  DetailPro is just a name but if you want that kind of quality then you need to understand the man behind the name and what he is all about!   Today after your daughter you can only trust your doctor, your lawyer and your banker (to an extent) and he is all three when it comes to one of your major moveable assets!  Before you go please understand that every experience is unique so have no expectations but know one thing with AC around there is always light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to restoring the value of your vehicles! 

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