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If you are in any management position today in any organization be it big or small or your own small concern then I truly feel very sorry for you!  My reasons for this heartfelt sympathy are that when you visited your dad at work at any time up to the mid 80’s you would have realized that life was actually great because everyone had time and offices globally had a “special guy” for everything!  If you dad was a bigwig then for sure he had a receptionist, a telephone operator, a stenographer and a secretary (all different people) to ensure he got the job done!  In those days your dad had a great life because he came home and disconnected to some extent if employed and spent time with family and then maybe on the odd day went and hung out with work buddies and looked forward to his “stag” time.
Then the 90’s happened where every senior executive was walking around with an expensive, very heavy plastic brick of some kind known as a mobile phone which was at first a status symbol that managed to diminish the value of every secretary (us sales people know them as gate keepers) and eventually made them defunct and delete that entire position from most organograms! 

This status symbol became a necessity so the industrial world went into over drive and produced so much volume at such ridiculously low cost that mobile communications took a turn at a velocity that the human mind cannot comprehend.  This led to stenographers, typists and everything else that served a purpose being deleted off the organogram as executives were retrained to be self-sufficient to keep the COGS down in every company.  The day they make a robot that will come to your desk and give you Starbucks, your lunch and serve as a vending machine for your gum and cigarettes sadly that day the tea boys you so fondly tip will also be removed from the organogram.  

Another negative point to consider from all this mechanization and technology addiction is that the effect of this race for being connected has resorted to a major ecological problem because once “cloud computing” came into being the world had a major issue with regard to the disposal of old defunct technology that became a major concern even when compared to disposing nuclear toxic waste. 

My point is that today what machine you buy as in a mobile computing platform will never be perfect because you will buy it at a phenomenal cost and when you trade it in you will get peanuts because all of a sudden within six months the hardware cannot support the new software out there that will be current.   Changing a laptop or a tablet is a pain because there is always some form of data loss. Because I import hardware and am tech savvy I have used and worked with so many brands that are windows or Linux based but have never been truly satisfied as some element has always been missing! 

One need to look at the Microsoft Surface as a fantastic solution and not dismiss it because when it comes to next generation computing everything is based upon cloud so really as a business user do not need terabytes of space on a physical hard drive!   Also should you get mugged or your drive crash due to electricity fluctuation… you just lost an immense amount of data!  Today data is everything!   Beneath the sleek surface one gets a whole new generation of technology plugged into your entire company through any Microsoft solution and that will give you a relief by giving you real time access twenty four hours a day as and when you need it. 

People love iPad and frankly those who do, either play games or use it for social media but the limitation in that tablet really makes business computing very mentally cumbersome.  Android is not stable enough as no software build has ever been stable enough to support an entire business organization! 

I strongly suggest that when you are buying your next tablet or your next mobile device or laptop. Combine the two and get yourself a Microsoft Surface!  Yes there will be a learning curve involved but hey you got used to windows 8 didn’t you when you freaked out where the start button went!  As an organization you should adapt and change with the times and not let new technology bind your professional capabilities by keeping you looking in all directions! Look beneath the Surface and see what you can actually achieve with a Microsoft Surface! 

Yes we do stock it! (But Officially!)... and we do have it all the funky colors you would want!

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