Saturday, March 8, 2014


Pakistan is a beautiful country if one thinks about it.  From the northern mountains to the Arabian Sea it is actually one country that has such an immense amount of resources in the form of fantastic weather that supports very fertile soil for farming any form of crop a country would require, a huge and vast area that gives off an unending supply of natural gas and the Thar area that has a globally recognized deposit of coal.  The Arabian Sea is rich with the most variety of fish found on the globe and if you look at the section of the Himalayan Mountain Range that falls within the borders of Pakistan you will know how immense the mineral deposits really are when you consider what the Brits stole in the form of The Kohinoor etc.

When one looks that the country today one realizes that people want to run as fast as they can away from this country and also if they are able to disassociate with it in the form of getting another passport because they feel ashamed to be known as “Pakistanis” due to the miserable Terrorist Stepchild with a constant problem portrayed by the media and the west”.  Our country is a sad state of affairs because anyone we supposedly elected has allowed Pakistan to be treated as the Wests pissing ground over the past 3three decades to be divided, split and torn apart. 

Today in Pakistan its citizens do not need any more help from the west to destroy it because there are so many indifferences that really do not matter which have torn not only provinces but the family nucleus apart that the one warm hospitable image of being a Pakistani cannot be remembered.  The media has been re-branded to BAD news and all it does is endorse gossip and portray negativity to the public depressing the nation even more. 

Today 08th March is a fantastic day!  There will be no bombs going off (I Predict) there will be no violence and definitely a huge drop in the crime rate at least until 7pm.  The reason for that is that today our boys in green are off to play a cricket match.  Hockey may be our national sport but we have sold our souls to the cricket pitch and should we win I assure you that the entire nation will erupt in savage gunfire for at least 30 minutes.  The British will go off o the pub, pat each other on their backs and order a round to celebrate.  Us lot, we will scare the life out of the Angel of Death by discharging so much ammunition that any external forces would run away because at this emotionally charged moment of victory we are invincible and this is our Sparta.  What the 300 could not do we as a nation will do to anyone who disagrees with us or our boys in green!

Those who don’t have weapons such as guns will hop on their techy firearms and launch a cyber attack on the world with ridiculous humiliating meme’s of the opposing team thus endorsing the fact that we are bad losers and more over terrible victors!  Should we lose our media will tear apart the boys in green like a bunch of emotional cannibals who will not even leave the carcasses for the Pakistan Cricket Board Vultures!  But not matter what happens in those few hours of the match being played we are brothers and sons of and from the same mother who is not a Shia or a Sunni but a Muslim Pakistani.  We forget hating each other and we will begin to hate anything and anyone who or that is NOT Pakistani. 

Sadly this love affair is very short lived because life will resort to normal tomorrow and we will resume our snatching of mobiles, insulting and hating each other and look for another reason to kill the man next to us with whom we broke bread in sympathy and prayed to the same God for victory for our boys in green because the inning was not going well!

If any of you need to go to the ATM, do groceries, buy something expensive or pick up a cash payment this is the day to do it because you could leave your car windows open with a Rolex on the Dash board during match time and it would not be stolen.  Also it’s a great day to go visiting your relatives in Gulshan or Nazimabad because all the bad boys are loving brothers today!

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