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Everyone has had that moment with someone when you are at a loss for words, you do not know what to say and feel awkward about uttering a word and somehow in transient thought you are stuck in a limbo of “uncomfortable silence”.

If you are a resident of Karachi then Sectarian Violence, Target Killing, Dacoities, Bomb Blasts and oh yes the odd kidnapping is way too normal for you!  You are like an armadillo wandering around in the New Mexico Sun oblivious to its merciless heat because that is the only thing you know.  Protected in your little nucleus where you surround yourself with happy thoughts via twitter and whatsapp you are comfortable in that new coffee shop frequented by the likes who don’t speak the national language (or at least claim that they don’t)

Being a Karachiite is like being on a coke high mixed with MDMA & a touch of the Pink Lady your senses are always on overdrive and your emotions by now are dulled to the point about anything that happens on the left side of the bridge.  All that matters to you is what happens on the right side of the bridge and you really look forward to watching the news to make sure that what happens on the wrong side according to your friends at the club is left there and does not enter into Defence or Clifton!

For the past week or so somehow the world forgot about Mush, no major stories broke about his cardiac flatulence, There were no express feelings about a major news network being threatened by aggressive expressions of the fundos and to top it all everyone got so scared by the price tags on the ajrak bikinis launched in Moenjodaro that they ran and found refuge in Asim Jofa and stopped making fun of the Super Sindhi image.  The city of Karachi did not have any fluctuation when the Bohri Syedna came to town and shut down Saddar.  Basically life was so quiet to an extent that everyone starting hunting for bad news and conspiracy theories about the Malaysian Airlines flight that went missing. 

It was kind of neat because any and all press reporters went into depression and actually started looking for something other than terrorism to make it to the headlines so they put up national stories of clerics allowing and endorsing polygamy.  Well the Cinemas were peaceful with Non Stop Total Siyapa being released and the masses actually wondered if everything was ok due to the calm.  Last night everyone started tweeting and texting and searching the web for destinations where they may visit quickly before the dollar went up again and the memons were our panhandling for any minute grammage of gold they could get their paws on.

Every good thing does not last even the buzz from the finest of whiskey’s or the purple haze of reality from this joint of silence and nature answered the pleas, itchings and cravings of the adrenalin addicted junkie reporters who burst onto every TV screen as though they had just snorted a line of coke as they eagerly kept repeating about the blast in Lyari. 20 minutes after the blast all of a sudden Goliath came alive and social media was bombarded with opinions posts and endorsements in the form of likes and smiley & sad faces regarding the misfortune of a handful of people.

It dawned on me that Karachiites and moreover the entire media cannot ever handle peace and quiet and a hypocritical lot because I met with a celebrity from the current affairs world and he had one thing to say “chalo at least we know that things are back to normal!”  Bearing this all in mind I have one question to you the reader and that is “if the perception is that us Karachiites are so tough that we can handle anything… are we strong and tough enough to handle peace & quiet?”

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