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When one thinks about making a film about border issues between Pakistan & India or one thinks of terrorism film makers always overdo the dramatics with supposed cliché’s from Lolly & Holly wood. To add to this when producers make the film they make it politically correct by ensuring their own native country is portrayed in someway shape or form as a victim and when all else fails the plot blames someone other than ourselves.   Bottom line films made about or on the above mentioned issues are never fair in any way.

When one looks for a lead role in such a film one cannot ever imagine that a NCA grad turned pop singer would actually develop from a singing caterpillar into a Monarch Butterfly that has the ability to deliver fantastic emotion unlike any other Pakistani actor ever born.  Kindly note that in Pakistan for an actor delivering emotion in film only resorts to standing on a cliff and screaming your lungs out in anger or wailing like a baby in a tragedy scene.

As I watched the premiere tonight I was extremely surprised in a very pleasant way at the entire performance by Ali Zafar.  This young man can now truly call himself an artist as he has delivered a fantastic performance that is so realistic that it makes one actually think about current affairs between the two neighboring countries.   This film will definitely crawl its way into the archives as a film that strongly advocates brotherhood and understanding of being a human and putting indifferences aside.  Although he is NOT a legend in acting and has never had such a responsibility of delivering such a strong & sensitive a message which is upon him in the plot I honestly feel that NO other Actor could have delivered the performance that Ali Zafar did.

Originally titled Aman Ki Asha this film TOTAL SIYAPA is a breath of fresh air.  Because Ali Zafar is in it one walks into the cinema knowing that “He” will be doing all the sound tracks so that is a given.  What I found fantastic in the film was that unlike any Bollywood or Lollywood flick this film did not have the hero half naked showing off a six pack.  Also it is relieving to see that the film is not centered around cricket, the Kashmir issue, religion or ISI & RAW.  However whoever wrote the story and the screenplay has done a brilliant job in addressing and touching these issues of indifference whilst balancing the seriousness with a lot of realistic ironic comedy that each and everyone can relate to from the past two generations and this generation as well.

The movie is filled with hopes and dreams and delivers a very positive message to the audience that it is time to let go of indifferences and move one with life rather than get stuck in petty politics.  I strongly recommend that you do see this film and ask people to see it because it is very entertaining and something any generation would appreciate.  We are so close yet so far from true freedom and completely stuck in TOTAL SIYAPA…   it’s time to get out!

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