Friday, March 7, 2014


(I know how it's spelt also I am aware of the grammatical error!)

I had a horrible experience when I ordered Dominos about 3 years ago for Lunch on a Friday in the office and never dared to dial their ordering hotline again. In those three years I became friends with the owners of Dominos professionally and then personally and despite the efforts I saw them put into the entire company I decided to keep my friendship so I would never voice my opinion as nobody likes to hear anything negative, especially when it comes from someone like me who is arrogant and obnoxious any ways!

Over the past two weeks for some odd reason or another I have heard at four different instances at different venues how different people were not only satisfied but very impressed with Dominos.  Now the last person who raved and ranted about Dominos owns a very successful advertising agency and is someone I respect professionally tremendously.  So when this buddy (who has this ability to find flaws in anything that the common man may find to be perfect – he’s a pathological perfectionist… get the drift!) of mine was just all praises about Dominos I figured I had to “try” it and see.  So today on a weekend my family decided to order out and this is what went down!

I dialled the UAN number with my fingers crossed and PTCL let us down four times until they called us back.  I was calling from my home number and they got the order right every time I changed it (I changed the order seven times) One tends to change the order when you have a ton of family members who want something different and unique.  Well I got done placing the order and then I asked the guy what time he had on his watch and said 9:04pm.  Ok so I asked if it would be delivered in 30 minutes (which Dominos promises & he politely declined saying that it was very rushed and delivery would be done in 60 minutes or it was free!)

In 32 minutes the food arrived which really freaked me out because I was expecting it to be Pakistani time and not actual time (60 minutes).  The best thing was that the guy who came had a cheerful smile and I was so impressed I forced the guy to take an extra tip.  When we opened the order it was perfect…  Seriously attention was taken to adding all the condiments and specially napkins and over all the food was very hot (not warm) I really hate to admit it but seriously the food was very good and the fact that it did not have to be reheated was a BIG bonus. 

Many of you might not agree to the taste factor so I will not comment about that as that is a personal issue because what one person may like another might not agree but if you were to judge the entire experience related specifically to “Fast Food” one would realize that the effort that the Hilal Group has put into revamping the image is fantastic because the entire management is responsible for this remarkable change from what I saw 3 years ago!

Sadly I must agree with all my friends that I too am sold on the Dominos experience because it was simply awesome!  Fast food is meant to be quick tasty and something that should not be rocket science and the Hilal Group has perfected that science!   So an amazing job by the entire team!  We cannot wait to order it again!

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  1. I hv NEVER had a bad experience with Dominos. Dinshaw