Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Review on RAGINI MMS2


The film within the film! Rocks, a filmmaker who's going through a rough phase, decides to make a horrorex with adult star Sunny Leone and some television actors. His film is based on the real life story of Ragini and Uday (the story of the first installment of Ragini MMS) whose dirty weekend turns into a spooky experience when Uday gets killed by a chudail (ghost) and Ragini lands up in a mental asylum.

The story is that the spirit goes naked, gets cozy in the shower, seduces you to a lake only to kill you. What's more? She can also kill you while in the act. The lesson here is: “Think twice before a one-night stand!” (So basically it is a tease for any dude who wants to party with a chick he met off OLX)

Besides the overdose of sex, smooches and skimpy outfits, the film also has item songs that are on every boys mobile phone on mms. As far as horror is concerned, it dominates the second half, especially the climax. The sex and the adult comedy, however, diminishes the impact of spooky moments. The moment you begin to feel scared, there's something or the other to break the momentum.

A really “Good” thing about Ragini MMS 2
Sunny Leone is the best and the worst thing about Ragini MMS 2. Sadly, the sexually charged scenes shift the limelight from her acting prowess to her body. However, in the scenes where the actor takes charge from the seductress in her, she's a power packed performer. The lady has a great screen presence and a potential that could be explored better than her skin.

10. Yuck I’m going to get robbed after the show as the crowd is NOT family! (at 11pm)
09. Wow this theater is a complete sausage fest...  Are those Bhabi's or babies!
08. Those chicks in front of me two rows down NEED to get some protection (ARMED PROTECTION!)
07. Boobies, Boobies, Boobies…. Aaah Sunny Leone! As yelled by the crowd (translated into English!)
06. Introduction of some male actor! (who the hell is that guy?)
05. Boobies, Boobies, Boobies…. Aaah Sunny Leone what a treat in the lake (take it off! take it! off take it off! Ok Yeah! Jeeeyay Sunny!) (along with all that londas in the house)
04. Some male actor trying to act and some other actors – (Shrinks I think?)  (who the yuck is that guy (again) with all those people? )
03. Item song / Boobies (Sunny Leone) – WAT DA FAQ (Churail Scene – loosely translated into “I wouldn’t sleep with her on a bad day!” Ewwwww…)
02. Ok now how to exit with a bunch of people who have armed guards and mobile on silent and in my undies on my way out at 130am as al the guys are now looking for cheap fun!
01. On my way home (whilst following 20 cars with armed goons) “How in the yuck did Sunny Leone go from - c/:windows/users/ trash/virus/corrupted_college_thesis/version_2/spam/do_not_open/dangerous/2_b_deleted
all the way so quickly to c/:utorrent/HindiFilms”?????

My Verdict!
Don't watch it if you are a serious horror lover. Also this is NOT a flick for the family! Go for it if you can appreciate Grand Masti humor and Sunny Leone's body and are with a bunch of guys.  This is not a movie to watch in ANY cinema with your family because once you are in the theatre you are sitting there with your popcorn in one hand but focused on the hand of the woman that you are with who is trying to avoid having her hand being squeezed by the gentry who comes to see such a type of movie hoping to get lucky during this flick BUT, after a while, you cannot help but get affected by the obscenity not only on screen but also from the people who are sitting next to you as this movie has filled its seats with anything and everyone with a 512kb Dsl connection and knowledge of Redtube that got there triple sawari on a CD-70 chewing gutka lloking for anything BUT a family experience.  What I find amazing is that How could ANY cinema get this past the censor board and run it in a place known for family entertainment in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan... and that too get away with it!


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