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Okra - A Review!

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NOTE! – After you read this a lot of you WILL react very violently to my observations and what I observed but please do note that these were and are my personal opinions and do not reflect the viewpoints of others who might have had a different experience etc.

Also please note that I am from the old school of thought that should I have to pay for any service or product then I am entitled to exercise a free school of thought where I am entitled to my own opinion rather than follow some politically correct socialite alpha males version of the convenient opinion that I should have am I to survive in society!

Lastly to support this if you consider the fact that these days the elite "Burger" boys socialize by insulting and cutting each other’s which is known as "Taking" BUT they don't really mean it! On the other hand "Burger" women however socialize by taking selfies hugging and complimenting each other on social media & use hashtags like #Besties... But they really don't mean it either!

So now keeping all the above in mind on with what I had an experience at Okra!

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Yesterday at about 8:30pm I asked on Karachi Food Diary (Facebook) what people would recommend as a good option for steak!  I got several responses but the one that made sense to me which I considered to be a safe bet was Okra!  So I called to make a reservation.  The chap who picked up the phone first asked me what time I wanted to arrive, I in return asked what time I could get a seat to which he responded that there was seating available all through the night even being a Saturday Night.  When I told him I would arrive by 9:30pm with my wife he paused and told me that we should arrive by 10pm as there was a rush!  So this confused me!

Anyhoo we landed there at Okra at 10:04pm and were greeted by a guy who obviously knew our name and then he told me that we would have to wait until he had a table cleared.  Now the funny thing was that there were empty tables on the ground floor but they were supposedly “reserved”  After a 13 minute wait (when you are waiting it seems forever especially when you are standing) we were sent upstairs to a table that had not been cleared and there was another table that was empty.

I was in a negative frame of mind and irate that I had to wait so I started to micro analyze the venue.  I realized that I had visited Okra about 3 years ago and how much it had changed.  Over the course of the evening or my meal I realized that this was a very different crowd than what I had seen three years ago. During the course of our meal I saw the upstairs get filled with people who had Hidden but obvious agendas.  I noted a very well to do business man / socialite (yes from the Sind Club) in his late 60’s arrive with a voluptuous girl the age of his daughter (in her late twenties) and a bottle of red wine and after 20 minutes of talking about her "career" and then realizing my presence raise his index finger to his lips and wink at me when we made eye contact.  I could have gotten a free glass of burgundy but sadly I don’t drink so that was that!  The rest of the 2nd floor crowd consisted of two yuppies (america returns or still in college)  in their late twenties who were there to make a statement that would somehow land them in the pants of the two chicks who could barely pronounce the menu properly!

Forget my analysis of the gentry that visited the joint but what I observed was that the upstairs was extremely loud!  There is an echo in Okra and one can clearly hear who slept with who and who is about to become bankrupt because of what fraud they did at their job because the sound of even the lowest conversation on the ground floor carries upstairs.  Also one needs to realize one thing that socialite wanna be yuppy chicks loooooove to talk and that to about their supposed Basht frand as that is the only form of way they know how to get attention which is by being the leader of a social wolf pack that feeds of gossip.  Other than that they have no other substance and if you do look hard enough it will be in the form of selfies posted on Social Media.

The food arrived and was standard (by which I mean good as Okra does make a good steak) however the service was terrible as no one bothered to pay attention to us.  I took a few pictures of the waiter and after I guess the third time my flash went off he realized that I wanted something.  I felt really like a burger as the Beyonce Pepsi cans reminded me strongly that I was on the “right” side of the bridge.  If I wanted service with attitude I should have simply gone to Gunsmoke as their waiters advertise the attitude and I had a different impression of service here at this place.  After our meal we were supposed to catch a late movie so when we asked for the bill it never came!

As we were getting late we decided to walk down and we paid our bill after being made to wait again for 7 minutes because the guy at the counter was too busy doing other things (by the way there was still one table empty on the ground floor when we left) Luckily we made in time for the film but I realized one thing ~ “A normal person cannot go to Okra and have a good meal because you do not get the attention that is showered upon those who have cliché’d last names”

A lot of you who love the owner will post strong rebuttals and try to clear his name in the hopes of getting a free dessert but I only posted what and how my experience was.  To me when I pay for something I look at the entire experience and there is no favouritism so now I expect your brutal rebuttals where your personal affiliations will weigh down what you feel!  But please do note that I did say that the food was good!  In case you are confused do read the top 3 paragraphs again before you declare me as a social media Nazi!

Disclaimer! - The opinions I post are my own and I do not intend to hurt or offend you!  If you cannot allow me my freedom of thought then you have the right to voice an opinion and navigate away on the web.  If you follow my blog I thank you as it’s quite ridiculously entertaining...that is if you like what & how I write! If you need to contact me or wish to befriend me then please... 
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