Saturday, March 29, 2014



Let’s get a TWO things straight!

  1. If you are a gamer and enjoyed playing the game Need 4 Speed on any platform then you would be well aware that the game is fast paced fun and for as long as you played it you never got bored!
  2. After watching every Fast & the Furious movie you sat in your car & your wife / date was Miya you were Torretto and you wished you had a desi pump action in your hand whilst you almost tried to relive the movie on the drive home trying to hit over 80 Km in your mommy’s automatic Honda city (with CNG) that you supposedly tricked out with second hand rims from Shershah.  The series was riveting and a created a cult following in the two generations over which it was released. 

Here are the negative points I realized as I watched Need for Speed in 3D!
  1. The 3D was not impressive at all and it would have been better to have released the film in 2D. 
  2. There are strong references in the storyline / plot that made me think that the scriptwriter must have popped a lot of acid / MDMA / ecstasy and washed it down with jack daniels and whilst smoking a blunt sat down and watched the Drive / Days of Thunder / Smokey & the Bandit / Cannon Ball Run and ended it off by watching entire series of Fast & Furious and said hey lets combine plot elements from all these flicks.  Whilst production the director to add value embedded scenes from legendary Steve Mc Queens Bullit and thought he was being creative!
  3. This film was 137 minutes (as I saw the Directors cut today where I had the entire theatre to myself and realized that this movie had very slow boring patches that could have been left out!
  4. Also there are almost no technical references which made me realize that for any gearhead like me this was very disappointing!
  5. What really saddened me was the way that the driver (hero) was projected in a manner where he was dependent upon some really funky tech to help him be so great

What gave me a boner in the movie was the fact that you got to see very expensive cars that were not on the market and rare vehicles being driven like they have been stolen.  Perhaps the best thing about this film is the stunt drivers who really should be highlighted as one could clearly see that they were very skilled. 

My Advice! - See the movie but do not expect too much from it if you are a F&F freak and a gear head! It will entertain you but not bowl you over and is not a waste of money as you get the eye candy of watching hot European cars being driven!  This not one movie that one should go out of their way to see if they an alternative choice unless they need Vaseline and Kleenex when they see a European sports car!

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