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DELI – A Review!

DELI – A Review!
Tucked away from the safety of the lower class behind a wall that separates the rags from the riches Deli is a very quaint little eatery.  My parents have frequented the place several times and today we decided to have a family meal there!

As you get in the door one realizes that it’s a bit cramped and very snug.  Kind of perfect for that couple in love who don’t want to be too far but the problem is that the minute they move their seat back to get some leg room under the table you notice that they wind up bumping into a chair behind them.

As we sat down the server came and took our order.  I was extremely impressed by the salesmanship this chappy had in him because he stuck by our table suggesting all sorts of items and up-selling the menu.  Salesmanship is good if you now your product well and it seemed to us that this guy knew the menu well and actually knew how to sell what to whom. (Not Stereotyping but this was impressive)

After that he was gone and the service was very slow if none at all.  I guess it was a Saturday night and people had started filling the place. We had to ask 4 times before our drinks were served and another 3 times for the food to be served. So if you rate this place for service then in two simple words….  IT SUCKS!

However Deli has some amazing food which you can say is the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow!  This is one joint where the steak was very well cooked.  Not too many people can do a Medium Rare steak and get it right.  Most restaurants rely on their sauces to do the trick for them and cover up not so good cooking enveloped in a fancy plate but Deli really knows how to make steak! And that too extremely well!

The risotto was very well cooked and now that is a tough nut to crack as well but this too was  a treat along with the pasta that had a fantastic blend of herbs and was not over doused with tomato sauce.  Finally the shrimp was well cooked and extremely well seasoned.  To add to this Deli has a Strawberry Lemonade which you must try as it tastes exactly like a Strawberry Daiquiri at Dave & Busters (all you need is rum and tequila).  If you ask me to rate the food I would even I wanted to be negative give a deli 9.5 out of 10.   So in two short words…  ITS AWESOME!

After the meal again no candy (service) as it took 20 minutes to get the bill paid as the waiter came in 10 minutes to find out that we wanted the cheque cleared & then took another 10 minutes to swipe the damn credit card!  After that we walked out with great care so as to not to bump into other guests.  If this place could sort out the service and maybe lessen a table or two it would be brilliant!

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