Sunday, March 9, 2014


One of the best movies that depicts the way that the US government operates is “WAG THE DOG” where it goes to demonstrate how stupid the public really is and how the media and lobbyists can together sway an entire election or a people's point of view and its all related to "MONEY!".

Everyone is going on about some issue that has to do with the Middle East or some crisis where the US is portrayed as a victim.  In the 1980’s I saw the fall of the Panamanian drug lord Noriega and observed how the ATF / FBI & DEA waged a relentless war upon anyone specifically Pakistan and Afghanistan for their contribution to the drug trade.

It’s ironically funny because in the 1920’s the alcohol manufacturing industry was prohibited in the US and is now the leading taxpaying sector for the government.  This same way it seems to me that every Colombian and Cuban is about to become a pharmacist and you will see the likes of “Black Widow” & “Purple Haze” drug stores that actually sell drugs.

If Clinton did not inhale & Obama was not down with the "weed" then the entire CIA has no other agendas other than to arrange Boy Scout Jamborees in the foot hills of the Rockies.  The US government spent trillions to fight off the war against drugs but now that it got tired and need to focus on keeping the super power image it MUST pat back it's debt therefore, it is slowly making an industry out of drug money and one guess tells me it needs this money (legally) to recover what it lost in the form of wealth over the years to pay back its unending debt to the world.

As the United States is in so much debt and its war cry is always about Terrorism funded by drug money then why the policy change suddenly to whitewash an economy that was considered so bad for the past half a century ever since Woodstock?  In this circle of lies one really does not know where to find a corner in which to begin unravelling the truth because the Middle East is just a pawn in this game of chess related to the US debt and the matter of "Drug Money" related the the Middle East & South East Asia!

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