Sunday, March 2, 2014


NOTE! – I do NOT have a personal vendetta against the owner of Big Thick Burgerz I am only giving you the facts of what our dining experience was and what went down tonight!

10pm tonight (Sunday 2nd March 2014) four of us friends decided to check out Big Thick Burgerz.  As we got there I noticed the logo looked like a tweaked version of Mr. Burger.  Then as we were about to enter we saw a sign at the door that all prices had been slashed which made us wonder why because the joint had only been open a few months ago.

When we went in the place was packed and as we got to the counter there were to cash registers but in this rush the boys were only operating one.  One could tell that there was total confusion as we had to pause our order 4 times before it got taken down. 

We found a booth but before we sat down we had to wipe down the seats and clear the table and wipe it down with napkins as there was ketchup all over the table and seats and the previous occupants had left their trays there.  No one from the staff bothered to clear it up.

As we sat and waited we realized two separate arguments broke out between some customers and the two boys behind the register as each party complained that they had been waiting for over 30 (thirty) minutes.   Our food arrived in 39 (thirty nine) minutes and when we looked at the food the order was completely wrong.  So we sent it back and after 13 minutes they gave us our food at the counter.

It took us 5 minutes to figure out what was what as the staff had only initialed the packing with a marker and we could not make out what was what until we went back to the counter and asked them.  Now the food its self was terrible.   The fries were refried and tasted like cardboard.  The only thing “THICK” about the burgers was crumbly burger bread and the straws given with the coke bottles had a putrid smell to them.

As one bit into any burger (I tried a bite out of all of them) I realized that I had become a BIGTHICKBURGER myself or a mamoo because the taste instantly brought back the memory of Mr. Burger and one could tell that the effort to try to match Mr. Burgers taste was a bad effort.   All I can say is that the entire customer experience was a terrible one where I felt that I had been duped for my money’s worth and that I would never pay such a ridiculous amount for such shoddy quality.

As we left and we got outside I realized the security guard had a broken weapon which just added to the charm of the place even more…  I tried to avoid writing this blog / review but after the horrible heartburn and never ending flatulence 40 minutes later I decided to be as objective as possible to warn all of you out there by telling you about our experience. 

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