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Most people find a reason to celebrate a birthday and it is the one day that society says “F*ck it” for your past social misdemeanors and overlooks your past personal felonies and society gives you a get out of jail free card for 24 hours until it goes back to judging you for what they perceived you to be.  This is that one day when you are a child sitting on Santa’s (societies) lap and you know your wishes will come true.  You get Birthday cake & sex your boss is nice to you and your colleagues hoping for that birthday treat will make sure they do not upset you so that they can also feast on something other than the bland tiffin that Attila the Hun has sent them from home.

Today life is so fast paced and the socio-economic structure is so confused that if one were to define the most precious commodity one would realize that it would be “time”.  Human beings in their effort to find painless effortless solutions have perfected the art of complicating things so much by the use of technology that when one starts to unravel the meaning behind any facet of life one scary fact is realized and that is we want more and more and more for very less.  Industrialization, mechanization & the advancement for technology has done something terrible to the human race and that is that it has destroyed the core foundations of anything humane that we know. 

Today everything is defined by quantity and not quality and people tend to think that a valuable resource is one who has the ability to make the first smart move on intel and gain immediate rewards in any form rather than a sustained ROI based upon quality.  For example take the door of a Mercedes Benz.  Stand a 1995 S class next to a 2013 Maybach and all you have to do is open and shut any door on each car once.  The 1995 (tank) will give you the confidence of German engineering that will ensure you feel safe in a crash at 180 km / hour versus the 2013 Maybach that will advertise everything technical in a politically correct way on how you can work less to avoid that crash.

When you have witnessed what I have seen and been through in life and when you know that somehow the future is so unpredictable it gives you a moment to realize that your popularity will be rated by the amount of “Happy Birthday” messages you get on Facebook and your un-professional worth will be defined by those people who you are supposedly “connected” to on Linked In.   If you are lucky you might get a text wishing you a good year ahead and if you are truly appreciated by someone you know then you might get that phone call where the caller is expecting to be invited to the orgy of free booze you will be hosting for over a 5 lacs of rupees.

I guess I am confused because as a Pakistani citizen from “Defence” I do not have your average goon squad of kerai kay tattoos following me around in a leased vigo toting weapons and  buzzers and sirens clearing the roads for me.  I wonder if I am successful because I do not enjoy the attention that society would give me from the selfies I take in some ridiculous zombie gathering where the only thing matters is the fact that my Bolex sweeps and does not tick and my ability to quickly suck down some Alpha males fat Cohiba whilst holding onto his Black Dog at the Sind Club!

We live in a society where the inconvenient version of the truth is forced down your gullet.  The only form of freedom one finds in this country is outside it in Dubai or anywhere other than Pakistan.  This one nation founded for the refuge of the Muslim minorities by the minorities and was of the minorities somehow has been tumbling down a pathway where all it does is persecute, ravage and destroy minorities and oh yes keeps finding more minorities to fight with.  In this country the press is really pressed up against a wall and the average human being has not been able to truly reflect upon life in the past two decades because he or she has been unable to breathe in this marathon where society is still trying to define its future at a rapidly increasing pace.  I being a great one for dramatics feel like I am “Jerry Mc Guire” and this is like my manifesto of what should be right!  But I have to accept the Forrest Gump version where life is like a box of chocolates or maybe I have to survive being Kaiser Soze in my world of Usual Suspects!

Being a salesman true to his cause I realize now that at “forty” I am completely lost as far as the future goes.  I am not scared of the future as I know what is written for me in the books of fate is defined up in the heavens however I am confused as to what to expect for the next indefinite period that I will be on earth.  At 10 I was told to prepare for my teens.  When I got through that I was told to prepare for life at 20. At 30 I was told to prepare to settle down but now at forty I guess one needs to be prepared to survive the indefinite versatile, volatile unpredictable future.

As tomorrow is my birthday and I get to say how I feel and ask for what I want then I want to ask for a wish to come true & If I had one wish that I would want granted then I know what it would be and that is “I wish I could have stopped time in the 1980’s!”  Because back then life was more meaningful, relationships mattered and did not have a price tag on them and we had the luxury of time to understand things and most of all each other before we judged them in a nanosecond by what we understand from Social Media.

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