Friday, February 21, 2014

W Tee effF

W Tee effF!

In case you are wondering no this does NOT stand for what you are thinking!  To humor you I want to tell you that it seems like if Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg bought Twitter then he could set all the company initials to stand for WTF!  Also think about it professionally by the time you go through Tuesday on any given working week even the Calendar screams WTF until its Saturday again! Great now that you have a smile on your face let me ask you a few questions that will make you think seriously for a second. 

My first question is related to RESPECT & HONOR!  I live in Sindh and as long as I have been alive I have heard stories of Karo Kari and what not because the Sindhi way of life and its values were disrespected.  I have been listening to tales from people in the community at how vicious and brutal the Sindhi’s are if crossed and how much they value honor and pride!   To a Sindhi an Ajrak & a Topi are symbols of immense values because I have seen in Sindhi families where the Ajrak and Topi are placed upon the Sardar or new leader of any tribe.  I for one am all about culture and love the values the True Sindhi Stands for!

Since we are all about Sindh and Cuture of Sindh please do tell me how on earth a politically correct spoilt brat can get away with allowing a bunch of fashion fundos to tear / cut and mold an Ajrak into a tube top / tank top / and mini-skirt for women? If this true Sindhi that has been born and bred in Harrods thinks it is funny I completely disagree with him.  As a citizen of Sindh I wish the money had been spent on re-building Karachi rather than having a striptease in the middle of ruins that has no commercial value in any way shape or form to Sindh.  How can we allow the Ajrak and the topi to be violated in such a way when Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s war cry was Roti Kapra & Makan!  It’s very hypocritical and ironic! Makes you think WTF!

My second question to you is that why is the Army being blamed for anything when we have a cosmopolitan image of a radical movement who only knows how to swing a bat that whines and moans and now is confused about his own stand on some form of security he himself has no clue about.  Have you wondered why the government has NO form of security scanning equipment in the country and there are supposedly no funds available BUT there are oodles of cash available to pay for plane loads of nihari loving cabinet members to go to the Big Apple and Harrods?  Also why does every politician HAVE to buy a Learjet and a Merc with the tax payers money when it can be spent on security equipment to scan vehicles and people and keep us safe?  I would rather have my taxpayers money spent on technology where I can be safe rather than on Champagne & Caviar at 1600 Penn Ave. Again I ask you my friends how long will we keep on repeatedly selling our souls, I mean WTF? 

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