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I do not care what anyone has to say about Pakistan being a lost cause and I am tired of listening to people tell me how bad things are in the country.  I am a Pakistani and more over a proud Karachiite.  I am strong because I am able to put food on the table even though Karachi has over 230 holidays a year (including forced ones) I am a survivor because I have been robbed and mugged in front of cops who told me “hota hai” and turned their heads to scout for a double sawari where they would get a hundred rupees yet I have faith that there is good in this city.  I am lucky because I have always managed to be at the right location and not near a bomb blast which happens at-least once a week.  I am a sinner NOT a Kaafir because that title has been taken by the clerics who manipulate the innocent with their version of Islam.

Actually with the way things are going and as we always seem to bring our pure religion into everything and divide society within a second I have a few questions for those who have openly sinned less than me in their lives as our country’s leaders elected leaders. 

Do you really think that having a naach gaana under a plagiarized logo in a city that has no commercial ties and association with large volumes of people and spending 70+ crores is a wise idea or a good political move?  

I believe that all the resources if spent wisely upon Karachi and specially where the PPP get their vote bank from in Lyari would help the people immensely.  Those people badly need what Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto promised to them which was Roti Kapra Makaan and only on his words those people have been so loyal.  Why are we dancing and singing in the middle of ruins as though we are trying to produce a Hindi blockbuster when the people of Lyari are being treated like the step children of a 47th wife.   There is so much promise in that township which proudly stands and votes for the legacy of ZAB.  If you want a true test of faith then Lyari is it.  All you hear about is the violence and no one bothers talking about the culture of Sindh though the eyes of a Lyariite.  With 70 crores being invested wisely in this town the immature maternal grandson of the great politician would have secured his place in history  but sadly he chose to throw a ball in the desert.

Do you think giving a facelift to the Taliban will resolve all the insecurities of the west and the government?

How does one do plastic surgery upon an entire culture that has a diverse view on how the people of Pakistan should feel about living?  Can you define what is politically right when it comes to getting your way via suicide bombings and sectarian violence?  Also it baffles me as to how a cricketer evolved in to a humanitarian by building an institution that does so much good and then slipped into a quicksand of politics where he compromises all the values of Shaukat Khanum that saves lives as he wants to have tea and crumpets over a discussion with fanatics that have taken more lives in the past ten years as compared to those lost in the 71 war.  How on earth did this morphing of values or maybe ignorance to humanity happen is one of the greatest questions yet to be answered directly by the Pashtun who has been chosen to represent a faction who ignored that he does not sport a beard?

Lastly I ask that do you really think that the likes of Mush will be allowed to talk? Or has any politician been allowed to “talk” freely?

Pakistan is filled with sinners like me and the ones who have played the innings of politics and or donned and doffed a uniform are the ones who will always have to pay a hefty price.  As Pakistan is a land that is known for  not only for its negotiating skills that flow through the veins of the average Pakistani it is also known for its secrets.  We boast the most effective intelligence agency and we are known for the secrets we have and the unsolved mysteries that get brushed under the presidential carpets.

In its entire history Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was the only unlucky politician that was publicly hanged to please the Red White & Blue and then Pakistan paid the price by giving birth to the Taliban whilst having the CIA as a mid-wife who did a very painful delivery for which we are still paying the price as a nation today.  The forces that be (not just the Army) will never allow the “Chief” to speak as too many bishops knights and queens will fall in this game of chess.  In Pakistan everything happens for a price either it is paid in suit cases of the father of the Nations picture on a brown note or via a favor negotiated at a prestigious club or over glasses clinking late in the evening.   Why must we as a nation suffer the dramatics as displayed by the media when we all know evidently that if a son of the soil has to take an oath of honesty he will tear down the mere foundations of what our constitution stands upon once he is forced to give names. 

We only heard what the late wandering eye of justice harped about.  We also saw the power shift when we fell for the tears of an unfortunate widower, we passionately stood up in arms in tank tops and shorts at teen talwar with a fair and lovely version of the Taliban and waved cricket bats.  Now we are falling for emotions yet once again and as a nation that loves mothers and sisters so much (our two most vulgar slang words really emphasize this) we are ready to become mamoos to honor our endorsement of the same fact.

The Pakistani people have a brilliant future but sadly they will choose to run on emotions and try their best to ignore the core issues of society and drag out petty issues to fight on.  If you really want to resolve the issues of today then as a nation do the right thing and plan for tomorrow …  without emotions!

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