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FIRST, I am so proud to be a Muslim!  I love my faith because it frees me so much and there is so much equality in my religion that if NOT misconstrued and not tainted with a Mullah Version one will see that our Holy Prophet (PBUH) was about love! How?  Because he fell in love with Islam and embraced it.  Also it is written that one MUST embrace Islam truly and of free will.  CONVERSION MUST NOT BE FORCED UPON ANYONE because a “true” Muslim can only understand Islam if he or she chooses to accept it wholeheartedly, unconditionally and with love!

Islam grants women a lot of freedom as our Holy Quran is all about loving and respecting ones family specially the women in your family because in Islam it is said that one finds “Jannat” under the feet of one’s mother!  Our religion does not bound women but yes it does say that because they are weaker we as Muslim men should and MUST protect them at any and all cost! (Not chain, bind and gag and abuse them!)

SECOND Pakistan the name means “land of the pure” and is a Nation founded on “Love” it is a nation that our forefather’s fought for as a safe haven for all Muslims and they died in the name of not only our country but to preserve and protect a lifestyle and a religion. 

So if our country was founded on “Love” and our religion is based upon “Loving” each other and understanding brotherhood and the sanctity and protection of Love then why are all the Mullahs putting up billboards to tell everyone to STOP loving each other.  It is so hypocritical!  How would the clerics like it if bill boards went up all over the country with a bearded man with a leering stare and a question mark with one line on it that said “would you leave your 5 year old alone with this man?”

Ok so my next question to you is if these Mullahs are about “STOPPING LOVE” then why hasn’t anyone from the clergy objected to the hammering on TV two weeks before valentine’s day from SAATHI CONDOMS during prime time television!  Doesn't that promote “Sex” not love?  Because sex and love are two different things!

I mean come on and relax guys!  If you do not want to spend a 100 rupees for your wife or your mother or your sister then just say you cannot afford flowers but for God’s sake do not use this as an excuse to say you are a devout Muslim when after two weeks you will be at Sea View with your bachi you met off OLX on your CD-70…  Why are you now bringing  a religion based upon love into your own insecurities of problems?

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  1. I think I can agree with your article in a broader sense but technically, there are many things that we need to rectify.
    Lets come out of our shells and our dreamy existence for once to accept that Islam or any religion for that matter has no place for Love or any such practice. Extra-marital Relationships between men and women have been a Taboo throughout the history of Modern humans (after the evolution of religion of course), So bragging about how our religion is based on love and how it is so awesome is a big baloney which you and I can agree on only if you start thinking logically and stop being a blind born believer.
    Islam gives rights to women, well that's great. So does every religion. But to be honest with you those are some messed up rights. I am gonna have to ask you to go and read about what kind of rights are we talking about. You are not any different than the Mullahs and those Silly Clerics trying their best to Give a sweet and awesome picture of Islam. But in reality its messed up as hell. Forget about Valentines day man, Islam forbids you from even looking at a women, let alone taking her on date. And for you to Come here to tell us that Give a flower to your mom and sister on Valentines day is the sickest thing I have heard. Dont you know that Valentines day is about the person you love in an intimate way? you could have said wife but not your siblings man. Why are you closing your eyes?
    Any ways, I would rather keep Religion out of Love and Intimate feelings. Because if you try to prove how awesome Islam is then you are Not as smart as I thought you were. I read your articles and you dont sound like a blind believer so stop talking about religion to us. Lets accept it that Islam like any other religion is an invention of Man and was made 1400 years ago which has no place in the modern society.
    Just have fun People, Enjoy your life, Enjoy Valentines and many days full of love. Share happiness and spread love. Dont listen to anyone trying to Justify their religion or whatever cause.
    Oh and by the way before you tell me that I should go study islam to find out about how amazing it is: I am a born Muslim and have practiced and studied Islam much closely for 30 years. More than anyone who is reading this.
    Happy Valentine's Day everyone!
    P.s.: Its smart of Saathi or whatever brand of Condom companies to bring awareness among youngsters by showing ads about protection.