Friday, February 7, 2014

Deja Chu

"Deja Chu"

In Pakistan we all get a feeling of “Deja Chu” (the feeling of having met that “chutia” before) every ever so often.   Who we the public consider to be a chutia today vanishes from the scene because a bigger one struggles to take his or her place temporarily until the forces that be entrust the chutia crown back upon that person head… 

You have to admit that as a nation we love to love anything foreign, be it clothes, actors, cars music but as a dheet log we are passionate about loving to hate anything society will tell us to hate.  Mostly society is not wrong when it tells us to hate that chutia(s) but somehow society its self is a big hypocrite as it loves to repeatedly forgive these cretins and subject its self to Deja Chu again when it hands them the keys to the parliament.

I was living in Islamabad in the G5 / G6 sector and it was about 4 o clock in the afternoon.  I had a night job in a US / Shaheen Foundation company and was getting ready for work when out of my window I saw tanks yes tanks roll by with soldiers in combat gear with grenades.  Moments later I saw men with Ak 47’s in Shalwar Kameez running at the tanks and when I heard gunfire I ran out the back of my house jumped over four boundary walls and sat in a taxi and fled for my office in the G9 sector. I though India had attacked us and as I walked into my office barefooted in my trousers and a banyan I watched the Lal Masjid episode unfold.  I was there first hand and saw how a guerilla fighting force could attack.

I witnessed the coup led by the Army against Nawaz Sharif as I was at the Karachi Airport when I saw APC’s roll onto the grounds and soldiers take over the country.  On television I witnessed the sons of the soil take over control of a supposed democracy that was about to run astray.  There was a fear that if things were allowed to go their due course it would damage the nation.

I saw the love in a nations eyes when they elected a man that was a convict and someone they could not stand at all, I felt their sympathy when the business minded Gordon Gecko negotiated his way through five years (which is a remarkable feat actually) of grueling hardship and managed to devalue the rupee in the international market to a painful amount that even the angels in heaven threw a party when he got the guard of honor.  I guess they were happy that the awaam would not be crying so much!

I watched the TV all night as a Canadian came to town and did exactly what Malcom X & Dr. Martin Luther King did.  He moved enough people to make the world realize that it should not consider the common man to be a chutia.  This one off one hit wonder has been forgotten but Islamabad learnt a lot of lessons that night when every citizen of the twin cities was subjected to being held hostage in their own backyard.

Lastly I witnessed a team that worked hard to win the world cup and then saw a man steal the limelight on emotions to gain endorsements from the likes of Diana Princess of Wales to build a fantastic institution that saves lives.  But then I saw this same man wave a cricket bat whilst intoxicated with the political rush of fame and popularity and become a spokesperson for the Taliban when its vote bank consisted of elite girls in tank tops and twitter accounts.  Today he is scratching his head and licking his wounds and confused as to why the talks with the Taliban will not work and how he got sidelined in another Deja Chu situation.

The bottom line is that as a nation we struggle to be called what we are born from and love to make mamoo’s out of each other!  When will we as a nation understand that we have the power to shift the image that we are for sale?  We hate prostitution as it goes against our religious values yet we hire out or emotions and loyalties to those who make promises to us that they never keep.  Everyone sells out and everything becomes for sale when it comes to politics. Since the majority of us are Muslims I would like to ask you as a nation why on earth does corruption run within your soul?   When will you stand up and realize that Islam is NOT a radical movement…  It is a beautiful religion that is based upon peace and love. 

In my eyes to be a true Muslim you must embrace Islam and the teachings within the Holy Quran out of love.  If you agree with me that violence, suicide bombings, terrorizing a government to get your way are wrong then please stand up as a country and for the love of God take back your civil rights…  or you can be ready to keep getting that Deja Chu feeling every second day!

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