Wednesday, February 12, 2014



Dearest Taliban,

As you are the self-proclaimed protectors of Islam and want to implement a form of government that will ensure that all Shariah laws are followed and that NO Islamic values and virtues are dis-respected then I would like to tell you that I have a mission for you. 

I would like to ask you as a Muslim to protect the rights of ALL Muslims globally by forgetting Pakistan for the next few years and sorting out those who want to desecrate the tomb of our beloved Prophet (PBUH)
Since you claim that you are an entity that has global support and can operate anywhere then this is your mission and as per your guidelines / SOP’s / charter whatever, I want to now see how you will react to protect Islam completely!  Should you do this great act then in my eyes I will consider you to be righteous and will forgive all the wrongs of the past that society has condemned you for!

Should you not do this great service and protect the religion you swear to uphold and run around toting AK-47’s threatening school children and shepherds then not only will you prove to be hypocrites rather you will just seem like ordinary sell-outs who are interested in the immediate benefits of the 7 deadly sins!  

As a Muslim I ask you if you will do something where it matters and uphold your core mission to protect our religion or just beat a drum to have chai biskoot in Isloo?
A Concerned Muslim

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