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Two questions that you should consider before you judge this blog are…
  1. Would you believe a pathological liar in a life and death situation?
  2. Would you leave your first born in the care of a convicted child sex offender?
If your answers to both the questions above are “NO” then why do you prove repeatedly to the world that you are so naïve that you will as a Pakistani nation gobble up what the media spews out at you.

This is ridiculous that ever since the 1980’s when the CIA impregnated certain people with a thought process known as Talibanization they had no idea that the calm peace loving mountain men (Bruce Banner) would grow into an ugly green Monster they or any other force could not ever control.  However the Hulk calms down after a while and then becomes normal, the CIA did not consider that their version of a comic book hero in the form of a radical movement would never calm down.

I am lucky to have lived through the days when Karachi was a rocking city.  You could walk on sea view or boat basin and life was simpler and people were just people.   Today everyone is struggling to find their identity and somehow every political / religious faction is not about uniting all the factions to live under an umbrella of peace rather they are in their own way aggravating the situation daily by promising their followers nirvana if they play the worst victim in God only knows what!

For a country that has 80% majority within its population of emotionally charged Muslims what one finds ironic is that they are further divided into sects which then get further divided into sects.  The funny thing is that at the end of the day if Allah is ONE God then my question is why are there so many convenient versions of the truth?

There is a solution that will end all of this convenient peace.  So far all these fruitless talks have led to chai and biskoot of which the outcome then left us in pieces.  The people do not realize that they have an immense amount of power.  The people who can take control of the situation and control this radicalization are the business community if supported by the army.  The solution is that one should elect a parliament where it is allowed to eliminate any and all politicians who are in an existing political / religious parties to contest these new elections.   Hand over government to those who have the ability to walk the talk by ensuring that internal as well as border security is handed over to the Armed forces and there is swift capital punishment for those who abuse power & are corrupt.

Sometimes one needs to fight fire with fire and rather than succumbing to the international pressures of what the desi aunty next door is thinking one needs to use corporal punishment for a mule that has one mission in life and that is to be stubbornly violent.  Are we really going to go through chai and biskoot sessions now with anyone who threatens violence?  When will we accept the fact that you cannot negotiate peace with a terrorist?  When will we realize that these convenient peace talks will leave us in pieces?

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