Monday, January 27, 2014


 Ok everyone loves a conspiracy theory and everyone in Pakistan loves to assume anything they can set their narrow minds upon.  One thing is for sure that we Pakistani’s love our Heroes and more so we love our villains.  Forget Bollywood as long as our media keeps us wrapped up in a web of nonsense we will eagerly lap up whatever is put on the idiot box thus justifying that our college degrees mean nothing.

The ironic and the sad thing is that Pakistan or whoever it is has kept us in the doldrums and in a fear of total insecurity so that we cannot keep our attention focused on the core issues that people do not realize we need to address. We have been blinded by cops getting blown up to politically acceptable targeted sectarian violence in a country who boast to have the best intelligence agency in the world that has as of yet been able to nothing whatsoever about the internal situation in an Army that has a country.

Now the first issue at hand is that what about the IPP’s and all the bad debts of every vendor and ex-employee of KESC (a so called former public listed company) how could a company that almost makes a difference to the economy in staggering manners absolve its self of all forms of past dues and the focus be upon Big Daddy and Mushy?  This is ridiculous? Have you questioned why these nonsensical scapegoats are being used to shift the focus from such a core issue?  Have you wondered what will happen to the past dues of  Tapal Energy, Kohinoor Energy, Gul Ahmed Energy and many more IPP’s across the country who are suffering so badly?

Second Issue is the mad loss of the coal from the Thar desert which has been sold off (mining and utilization rights) to foreign investors when we have a bad desire for it here in Sindh.  Most of our power plants are either diesel or coal fired and when you sell off all the coal abd create a hike in the price it affects the common man’s ability to buy a loaf of bread.  Whilst the nuclear arsenal that powers Canup is something that yet has to be desired we are struggling with the likes of not having CNG for several days and another focus diversion method is used by announcing that LPG will be the new source of fuel.  What about those millions who invested in CNG kits also if this was the route the lions were to take out of Punjab why on earth did Lahore get a revamp to be outfitted to support a almost perfect CNG bus network?

Another core issue at hand is that the Dollar going nuts and hyper pseudo inflation of its value is ridiculous as you are constantly urging people to re-invest their money through overseas Pakistanis who feel Bahria Town is giving a great deal whilst sucking up the land in the entire country.   I am sure that the economy would like to hand over all its local development administrating rights to the likes of Malik Riaz who will somehow make sure you live a comfortable life whilst the US troops march out of Afghanistan through Pakistan onto their ships.

When will you as a nation realize that between the chudhary’s and the whining Khans your are being forced to look at political parties through the eyes of pre-pubescent politician who plagialized a logo representing the “Man of Steel”  How ironic?  When will you as a nation stop to look at the fact the its only business for the west and no matter how much you wallow in the Prada’s and the Gucci’s you will still have a lot to answer for one day as a casualty of war in some way or another?  Wake up Pakistan WAKE UP…  you are an intelligent nation so for God’s sake WAKE UP!

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  1. we r in such a deep sleep that even the suicide bombers ex TTP(CIA&RAW) could nt wake us up, what makes u think thatwe b awake on just a one call from u? its the injection of corruption which has sedated us to this sleep n we may wake up when we r treated as Hiroshima n Nagasaki. we lost the values my bro n without values it matters nuthin whether u sleep or stay awake. Values are required to b revived.