Wednesday, January 1, 2014



Why have I posted a picture of a urinal on 1st Jan 2014 and written about it?  Because its totally weird.  Half of you are lost in translating thoughts into words and the last thing you have on your minds is work but here's some food for thought for you!  Ok now you know I am as ridiculously “different” as they get and always look for something unique & interesting to write on so here goes!  

Advertisers struggle to get the undivided attention of the mindless awaam on television and the thumb when connected to a remote control is their most feared opponent because the minute advertising starts hum suffer karnay kay bajai doosray channel pay chalay jaatay hain as far as our mind goes…  The world is tired of this ridiculous hammering of nonsensical plagiarized totally bad advertising.  The question is how does a company keep a person’s attention focused to get that 30 second message across?  

Now you may laugh your hearts out but this is truly a unique way to advertise a product!  “Public Bathroom & Urinal Stall advertising”…  Guess what? The person is not going anywhere and due to the people around them the last thing they want is more added pressure that they will have to release socially or professionally if they are on a cellphone.

I found this at the Avari Lahore tonight when I was a prisoner to Mother Nature’s demands for 30 seconds.  I found it welcoming to watch anything other than the guy next to me and try to nod or start up an uncomfortable conversation…  Honestly I think that Brands can do focused advertising like Gillette for men in the Male stalls & Fair & Lovely for women in the Female stalls…

Laugh at me for all you want but guess what…  For that 30 seconds to 5 minutes you ain’t going nowhere so might as well be entertained…  

Well done Avari Lahore – Verrrrry innovative!

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