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Ok so when you wake up today you would be excited and scared about what 2014 will hold for you!  Some of you would be terrified with a common question ‘Did I promise that?” (to myself in the emotional uproar at midnight last night to myself.)  That is why Hazrat Ali (A.S) says to never make a promise when happy and never judge anyone whilst upset (loosely translated).  Thank God that all the drama and fuss is somewhat over about New Year night. 

What I find hysterical is that we always have something to keep us entertained enough to throw the focus off the Macro picture of the country at hand!  It can be using our money to give Laptops to college kids, using our money (again) to give free rides to the entire world for 30 days in Lahore on Red buses or maybe even use our money (us tax payers of course) to throw up a wall in Clifton and flush 200 odd businesses down the toilet or even for that matter inconvenience 30,000 odd residents for that matter.

We say we hate Lucifer or Iblis or Satan or well the devil but do we realize that the devil was God's favorite angel once too before he became what he did?   Likewise God has his favorites that come and go as far as our local politics go and when they are in power they are in the best of health and when they fall from grace these angels suffer very bad health.   But this post is not about the politicians that fall ill rather it is about us as a completely “Lota” awaam that have no loyalty to anything whatsoever.

I know so many affluent people who were “directly or indirectly” related to Mush and wanted to be the one’s who would get things done from Isloo because Mush’s driver aunties cooks sala was close to their mothers!   Then these same mothers became very cuddly with anyone who had an ajrak and a topi.  Now I am hopng we have a lot of green star marketing and Marie Stopes offices opening up soon because these moms are really fond of nihari and sajay payas and speak in fluent punabi only…

Come on people have some loyalty to something if anything then your own religion because we all know what Pakistanis love to use a lota for! Enough is enough! 

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