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When someone travels irrespective for what reason it is one is under a considerable amount of stress.  All one looks for in any airline is the ability to add to their comfort and rather than present more problems help with solutions.  Personally I for one have been a person that has always travelled Air Blue domestically because I found it convenient and also it was the only other airline that did not have bearded grandmas for air hostesses when you compare it to the National flag carrier.

Today I was supposed to be onboard flight PA-402 at 800 Hrs to Lahore with my wife but sadly I was not allowed to fly. Now here’s what went down!

Being a domestic flight I got to the airport 80 minutes earlier than the flight.  When I got there the Airport Security Forces staff cleared myself and the missus within 30 seconds and were at full alert because multiple flights with the holiday rush were being boarded for different nationwide destinations.

After standing in line for over 50 minutes at 730am when our turn finally came the chick behind the counter told me that I had to have my bags giftwrapped in the cellophane.  No one else was told to do that and I wondered why my Samsonite required the protection and from what.  When I got back within a second and after paying 150 rupees per bag to have the condom like sleeves put on them.  She smiled at me and told me cheekily sir you are “DNP” and the flight has closed. 

There were about 4 of us who were dismayed and when I was told that I would have to buy another ticket I erupted (professionally of course) because I know the CAA rules and regulations.  I blatantly told the “Chick” Huma or Hina was her name that it was not my fault that when there were multiple flights she was busy appeasing the likes of those who were not happy with their seats.  She responded with a line that floored me in the essence of (translated loosely from Urdu) “Air Indus has opened and it has stolen all our good people so we are very short staffed.” 

When I asked her why she sent me off to get the prophylactic like covering on my bags if she was not going to board me she was joined by her other four female cronies who simply told me that they needed me to be busy so that they could think what to do as the airline had and always does overbook by 20 passengers.   By this time I was flabbergasted when I saw a balding old politician pick up his boarding pass and wave cheekily to us and walk onto board which was my flight.

Then we were made to wait and to add insult to injury I asked a refund for the wrapping money I had spent (300 rupees) some head hen Sadia showed up and threw my wrapping money at me and we were all told to move out from the arrivals area inside the airport and with great reluctance told that these chicks were doing us a favor when they agreed to complimentarily shift us to the 630 flight. 

I am tired & exhausted so I will tell you one thing that I left the airport at 1036am after being made to wait for 96 minutes until the shift change came for the ticketing counter outside and was busy in hugging and kissing each other in between mobile calls to significant others about wishing the Christmas.  So I assumed they were minorities who did not want to be at work. 

On top of that I was given a (F*ck you!)  smile all throughout and asked for "mithai" when I got a reprint of my ticket!  Had I been a violent person I assure you I would have given them my version of mithai from what I understood it to be but sadly I am not rude towards woman.  I found it ridiculous that an Airline after being in operation for over 5 years would get so tardy and give a big smile whilst it lied and compromised on every facet regarding customer service.   It is a horrible display of proactive service when the consumers now have a choice other than Air Blue. 

I am disgusted and pray that I can leave by the 630 flight today without such a hassle.  What a nightmare to deal with such an incompetent bunch of morons in makeup who are completely unprofessional!   I am simply disgusted beyond belief!  Get your act together Air Blue because we have a choice!

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