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I write this post as it makes sense to me and I do not wish to have you understand it if you are a man unless you wish to do so.  This post is about respecting women and giving them what they truly deserve. 

Today if you look at Pakistan a woman has no rights!  Across the border it has become a fad to gang rape a woman every three months and have it covered as a part of the international press…  Here in Pakistan we do much worse than that because we have stripped their rights and in order for a woman to get any justice she needs to have four witnesses to prove her claim of any form of wrong against her.

We are a nation of insecure gun toting cannibals who will kill our first born should it be a "she" (Hellooo - I speak of the general population that is not urban) and the girl-child has no rights that protect her as such in this radically brainwashed school of modern day thought!  Our society is so sexist that our men do not realize that in their sexist remarks of male superiority they themselves were born from the womb of a woman and their flesh and blood is from her so they must respect her.

Our women need more rights and more justice in this not so perfect world because it is so sad that two most common profanities in the Urdu language are that of a sister and a mother.  The day that Pakistan starts respecting its women and providing free education for the girl-child will be the day that an entire nation will always have a ray of hope.  The evil that men do can only be undone by the righting of a mother teaching her child not to sin the same way his father did.

Oddly enough a man that has lived on the edge of wildness will only understand the value of a woman the day he becomes a father to one.  That man who has a daughter I feel is the luckiest man alive because when his son falls in love and runs off to sow his own oats his own daughters will always remain at his feet loving and caring for him. 

For those that portray that Islam states that women have no rights need to understand that if you read our Holy Quran you can also perceive it as not restricting but “Protecting” the rights of a woman.  The man who protects a woman’s rights thus giving her the freedom to remain in the here and the now under Shariah law is truly a man that I will salute because has no fear and insecurity.

As I end this note I would like to tell all Pakistani men that if you have a problem with women then it takes two hands to clap and personally I feel women are incredibly stupid because on the day of judgment your own mother (a woman) will be the only one who would be willing to trade her place in heaven to wash away your sins when you will be unable to give any excuses and take your place in hell…  

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