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Pakistan is filled with disgusting complexities and probably the most Hypocritical Islamic nation that exists.  As Muslims we are not supposed to worship anything other than Allah but sadly we do not live by that attribute because Feudalism & the Chaudhary along with the Khans & Sardar’s & have depicted that we in our daily lives worship many Demi-God like creatures who are insecure beyond belief about their own worth so they re-enforce that surety in the form of pressure politics upon society.

Pakistan is the only country in the world that has a cricket team owned by Pepsi Cola.  This team has had its follies and Pepsi has funded the right minds into creating an adverse school of thought which would be Politically (Pepsi) correct!  

If one looks at our region then all the countries that surround Pakistan favor coke but if you draw it out on a Map the Red White And Blue really stands out over the green and white color of the flag showing how much Pepsi (America) values its little jewel on the crown that it has invested so much in to use as a testing ground for drone warfare.

What absolutely disgusts me is the fact that Pepsi has bought our so called media and with their budgets have divided the mindshare of what people think!  The youth is disoriented and sports is no longer about sports rather they have tried to own an entire culture.  Mothers do not like cola’s for their kids as they are unhealthy but one does not give forethought into what predominating underlying messages are passed onto the youth about values.

The success of Coke Studio forced Pepsi to play with the youth and its values yet once again by having the likes of uneducated judges who wanted more fame than what was worth to ensure that the participating youth that was filled with hopes and dreams are truly humiliated. 

It was and is truly sad to see how an American brand can break the values hopes and dreams of a society by exercising its financial rights to buy the souls of a few people who do not have any market worth left.  Pakistan was known for its culture and its people have always been known for their hospitality and politeness towards strangers but sadly the actions of those that such a brand has invested purely go to show that comments made by Ali Azmat and a respected geriatric legend such as Bushra Ansari humiliate a man for his God gifted physical appearance are truly disgusting.

Now I realize why our youth have stopped respecting the artists in Pakistanand started focusing on Indian stars.  I mean who wants to have a sell-out humiliate you in public.  Pakistan has had its share of ridicule in the international press but that has been at its own hands…  How on earth could a supposedly respectable brand like Pepsi allow this to be aired when the message is anything but positive.  Is this Pepsi’s last resort to try to hold onto a market that might just be shifting towards Coke?  Is this the end of the line where the jewels in the tarnished crown are falling off?  Whatever it is makes one think!  Why Pepsi Why?

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