Tuesday, December 3, 2013



When we grew up in the early eighties, life was filled with innocence and fun.  Parents were parents and invested an immense amount of time with us “kids”.  Enter the nineties and both our generations got so caught in trying to simplify life and living that we lost our ability to relax and have family time as everything became so complicated and stressed out with technology. 

Blame it on cellphones, computers or the famous television and you will see that we as a nation got lost in translating good into evil and got lost in price wars and what we thought as a generation gap between us and our parents was actually a void that to this date has never been filled.

If you honestly look at the average family globally you will see that most people today have kids for all the wrong reasons.  It can be to fulfill a formality for the elders who in their own worlds are undergoing an acceptability crisis in this new techno centric world or mostly to hold onto a marriage where there never was an understanding or acceptance of two differing values within two people.

Our children today have an amazing ability to inwardly process and digest information at a quicker and much faster pace that we did.  Most youth today are able to write their own careers and invent their own positions within organizations which was unheard of in the late 80’s.  In those days it was much simpler where you were a doctor a lawyer or a very simple person that had a steady pathway that was chosen for you.

Most colleges today have an extremely high rate of applicants who do not know where they want to be after four years when they enter college.  Most people in Pakistan have been going through a huge identity crisis with the dissolution of the middle class and every child finds it to be his or her birth right to question the adults immediately around them.

Our values are now listed as fast food, music and internet.  Our heritage is colorfully considered to be  Eminem, Pit-bull  and Justin Bieber.  We are now witnessing a generation that considers a repetitive computer generated sound byte as classical music.  Most of the artwork in the films of today relates to CGI’s and a complete false sense of surreal portrayal of liberties and values.  Life is spinning so out of control that what was new 5 seconds ago is history and short lived and remembered within the blink of an eye. 

Sadly the same can be said for the romance we saw as kids in religious and family occasions.  We are losing control of what we had so preciously guarded which was our culture and if parents don’t stop trying to be politically correct friends to their kids and start acting like our parents we will lose control of this youth  and they will lose control of what we have which is known as Pakistan!


  1. Agreed . If You want to be live in peace environment you have to kill your wants . Go with need only .
    Great Article.

  2. If you want to live in Peace you have to kill your wants . Go with need only . Great Article written by the author.