Wednesday, December 4, 2013



I feel ashamed to be known as a resident of the city of Karachi and for sure when I travel the color of my passport is not a favored color anywhere in the world today due to the insane picture presented by the world media about what dishonest lunatics we as a people really are.

Those whom we consider to be geriatrics today tell us stories of when laughter filled the streets of Karachi and people knew what liberty and justice was.  Our elders tell us stories about emotional and personal freedom that we find hard to believe because we as an entire nation have not felt safe for as long as democracy became a war cry for anyone looking for attention.   

Let’s face it we are an infant country that simply does not know how to manage the freedom it obtained through democracy on Independence Day in 1947.  Our leaders whom we have elected are the root cause of all our problems and each and every one of them is hungry for media attention which they manage to get whilst making phone calls or opening cricket stadiums or dancing with the Bedouins.

It makes no difference what “party” you belong to or what sect of religion you might belong to because today you my countryman are at your worst when it comes to politics because you are the root cause of all this evil.  You voted the fanatics who run this insecurity parade and you gave them the courage to demand a 21 bomb salute every month throughout the country.

You can blame the west all you want but at the end of the day you as a country have the strength to live by the pillars of Islam and take it all back and bring peace back to this land.  If you are so pious as a people then why are you so torn apart by the idol worship of clerics who lead you around like sheep being led to a senseless slaughter?  If you are so “family” oriented and your mother’s sons and your father’s daughters then why is it that you do not care enough for the future of your own children that you are willing to take a stand from an educated platform where it will make sense to the world?  Lastly why as a nation are you only willing to overcome each other’s faults when it comes to watching a cricket match?

Our children’s future has been gambled away by threats on phone calls, our wives kitchen expenses have been robbed by parchis attached to bullets and our nation has lost the ability to go to work due to the transport mafia being scared to go out on the roads.  The past twenty five years has clearly demonstrated that we do not have the ability to digest democracy!  It is pointless to blame anyone when you will keep on re-electing the same goof troupe every time the Army gives you a fresh start. 

If you as a nation are trying to state that you have the ability to withstand the test of time regarding patience and honor then you are going about it wrong.  Your streets are shut and your offices empty means that you do not have the ability to progress and feed your family and that is not martyrdom in fact it is stupidity.  The solution is there before you and you need to have the right people lead this nation.  You need to take back what Jinnah fought for and also what Islam is all about…  “Peace!”


  1. Despite all these miss happenings and cries We are Pakistanis and Karachities and should be proud of that, we are who could save it, nobody else.

  2. I pray Pakistan becomes a very peaceful country for all who stay there irrelativve of creed, colour or race, for a long time Pakistan has had problems and cannot reolve them. So try to help one another instead of becoming fanatics and killing innocent people which is misuse of the Quran and this is not appreciated when muslims use the Quran to their whims and wishes - they should follow every verse in the Quran. All relegions should be respected and "LIVE & LET LIVE".