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Ok now let’s get something really straight…  It does not matter if you are the Imam of any given Masjid, you are a 4 star general, a politician or whatever awesome post you hold but the minute you start bashing someone that is six feet under (dead) you basically have stooped to the level of a schmuck!  If you are using that person, entity or organizations name to move the masses emotionally then you are worse than a schmuck and a million times lower than what I call a complete cretin!

For decades ever since the war cry became “democracy” every cleric and politician has turned the Noor and the sanctity found in the word “Allah” to mold the minds of the masses and use it for sectarian violence, suicide bombings and what not!  Also overly emotional people keep saying that “BB” would have wanted this or BB would have wanted that!  It is wrong in Islam to speak behind anyone’s back and it is terrible to assume and base any form of judgment without getting the facts right from the source its self.

The problem with democracy in Pakistan is that the leader is awesome and has a fantastic vision for the country.  If you sit with Nawaz Sharif, Asif Ali Zardari or even Gen. ® Musharraf you will distinctly see that their vision for the country is fantastic.  When you talk to each of them you will note that each of them is extremely honest when it comes to patriotism and that their souls are NOT corrupt.  What happens when the vision is passed onto to the entire government is a different matter because inflation, politics and diversity dilute the vision and personal agenda’s corrupt the original bigger picture.

Just sit down at boat basin one day when you have time between 8am to 10 am and you will see all these kids who show up in their hopped up civics leased by daddy who is struggling to make ends meet and pay off the debt he is in.  If you observe the conversation you will realize that the next generation is so used to clichés, brand names and name dropping that they are the perfect robots that will destroy any form of culture or values we call Pakistani or Islamic.  This does not only apply to the Burgers from Defense it also is very predominant in the Bun Kabab on the wrong side of the bridge where the Burgers call their idols “Mr.”  the Bun Kabab’s refer to them as “Bhai’s”

Now down to the core issue.  If you believe after reading the Holy Quran that any form of internal or external violence is wrong then you must agree that “Suicide bombings & terrorism” is not the way or the path defined in the Holy Book of Islam laid out for any Muslim.   If you agree with this then I must state something to appeal to your common sense and that is that the late Benazir Bhutto (a truly fantastic person whom I have met on multiple occasions) was the most documented Prime Minister of Pakistan.  Being the first Muslim woman to have become Prime Minister and also being very pretty she was always what the camera loved to capture.  It did not matter if this wonderful mother, wife or politician was in or out of power her whole life was documented beyond belief by international press bodies and news agencies that are extremely credible.

Now if I am still on a roll appealing to your “common sense” then I want to ask you to realize one thing.  There was only “ONE” idara that had the “Bhutto” name on it and that was a college SZABIST.  Whilst our Pakistani Princess was alive nothing was ever named after her.  Sadly when she died it seemed to me that PPP made a mandate to conveniently change the value in the legacy and branded the hell out of the following words “BB, Bhutto &b Benazir Bhutto”.  Having met the late Benazir Bhutto on several occasions one would realize that she was a very humble charismatic mother who had a firm grip on family values and fought for women’s rights.  That is why in her time when she was alive and a valuable addition to society she never allowed her name to be mis-used.  The reason was because “BB” openly declared that she wanted a better Pakistan and not one built on any form of Peeri Mureedi as that was wrong from an Islamic perspective as well so she lived by example and did not allow the respect in her Blood line (family name) to be tarnished.

Forget your emotions because this is not about a government or its corrupt low level officers Kapish? Or should I say Khappay?   This is about the value and respect that I have for a deceased mother who I respected so much for bringing Pakistan out of the dark ages because she had the courage to keep fighting for what she thought was right and live by example.  If you challenge what I am saying then please scroll up 4 paragraphs to re-read what I stated about the leadership vision.

The Clifton “wall issue is completely ridiculous because we have archives from the international press that show that “BB” sahiba wanted to add to the value of society and not destroy any form of life around her.  In the archives you will see that when her name was attached with the word “revenge” a lost political party to stop its self from self-destruction because it had no leader or so it thought.  Abandoned the likes of a fantastic person (Amin Fahim) and went onto build their own versions of “what BB would have wanted!” 

 If you want to know what BB would have wanted then stop listening to these clowns who thought they knew her over a speech that they attended.  The late “Benazir Bhutto” wanted what her father’s vision was and today if you are unable to find anyone who says they are her true friend then you should go “old-school” and sit with the likes of Makhdoom Amin Fahim and some of the originals who were there when PPP was formed and ask them what Bhutto wanted!  If you don’t and will take a placard and stand at Bilawal House (NOT BB PALACE) totally ill-informed of the facts then you might as well strap on a RDX laden jacket and walk into a masjid to listen to a khutba from a corrupt sell out cleric in Afghanistan…

Today you are educated so use that social and book smart education to not get attention and get media air-time – use your social wisdom to bring down the walls created by an insecure society.  What wall you will bring down after you read this will lie entirely in your hands because you are the most beautiful creation of God and you are free to choose…  so use that gift from Allah and choose correctly!

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  1. I agree with you that "BB" wanted her father's vision realized and that it was a clear one chalked out by Mr. B, himself. However, leaders are to be held responsible for whatever corrupt ideology and actions that their minions unleash upon society. Thus, be it PPP, PML (whichever) or any other political power - the leaders are as corrupt as its whole because they allow for it to happen.
    The "Wall" as it is simply referred to is an eyesore and a traffic hazard and hindrance - by principal it should be removed. Its as simple as that!
    I also saw in RT what happened at Boat Basin and how hooligans from the police and PPP attacked PTI supporters and how PTI retaliated by throwing stones and then damaging vehicles that belonged to innocent food lovers. This followed by how the rangers beat senseless multiple suspects.
    We have seen what effect mere words have on our populous when spoken by irresponsible "Leaders".
    The day our so called leaders stop acting as "Snake Oil" sellers is the day I pray for and strive towards.