Sunday, December 1, 2013



Ok now let’s get this straight!  I believe that the media and anyone with facial hair is tooting horns about the atrocities of the never-ending drone attacks.  Well I sat my uneducated brain down and thought for a second and this is what I concluded.

The Afghan Mujahedeen and the peoples of the KPK region and their ancestors have walloped the senses out of not only the Russians but any invaders ever since the history books have been written.  Now Most of these drones are worth about a couple of million dollars each and launched out of Pakistan apparently.  

The KPK people are tired of this endless bombing and are now asking for help from those who fear to go into that region due to the following reasons.

  1. Darra produces more quality weapons on a bad day than any amount of fruit that is ever harvested in the entire country in one season.  Other than narcotics the KPK is globally most famous for its stockade of homemade state of the art weapons than anywhere in the world. 

  1. The people are basically nut-jobs who you just cannot seem to reason with because they are an overtly emotional lot and if you argue over a chess game or checkers it will always end up in a decade long tribal feud which no one will ever be able to figure out how the queen got ousted by the knight 3 or two moves ago and the pawns will always be the most treasured pieces in the war.

So in short why on earth don’t these tribal Jihadi’s back water mosquitos take matters into their own hands and sting the US where it truly hurts and that is in their pockets – They need to knock down a couple of drones themselves every week until it becomes so expensive that the US considers another option or tries to nuke our soil.  (Which will never happen)

Sadly this is left to the hands of the politicians who are milking it for all the fame they have and now this needs to be resolved or this will become another stupid mess like the Kashmir issue.  We are sick and tired of the people relying upon justice that will never come through peace treaties, SRO’s Geneva Convention acts and amendments to foreign policy.  The worst thing is that our children are paying the cost for the insecurities of a few guys sitting behind a remote control and between the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches they play counterstrike with real lives.

I wish the most heavily armed peoples of the world would take up arms and save the limbs of the next generation and stop demanding the media pay heed to their cause because it’s too busy lost in Holly, Bolly or Lolly wood somewhere!  Making a movie against terrorism does not help the fact that kids are suffering for no fault of their own!

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