Friday, December 13, 2013



Before you read on note that I am extremely frustrated because when I buy a donkey cart I put the donkey before the cart when I want it to do something…  Before you condemn my outburst please note that I have had an affiliation with PTA & PTCL for the past two decades as my father was Alcatel’s Chairman.  I have seen most exchanges be re-vamped and through Alcatel seen how they operate and work (PTCL)

Sadly PTCL has tested my limits as far as patience goes and has as a service provider left me with no option but to tell the entire world how a DM / Director or whatever is so busy & “in a meeting” that he does not have the time to facilitate a corporate connection.  (Chai Paani nahi diya naa) now the exchange of Defence stepped in and told me to tell the president house about this so I decided to hit the web and social media because I feel that our president and PM have more pressing matters to deal with.

My office is at SMCHS and has been there for 50 years we had six lines but constantly were paying the line man chai paani to fix our connections for PTCL DSL – which keep going down – as a geek I requested that a ten pair wire be installed form the DB to my office which was promsed to me if we opened four more connections by some Riaz chap.

We installed the lines did the paper work and legal requirements and what happened was that we were hounded for extra Value Added Services but the ten pair wires NEVER laid.  I am sending this e-mail from a qubee connection which I was forced to buy because my taxpaying rupees are there to facilitate biscuits and tea for these people whose salaries we pay to be in never ending meetings.  All he keeps asking is if we had the Value Added Services Connected or not.  That is like buying a cellular connection and not have a mobile handset…

It is sick and pathetic that a public company like PTCL can be so dysfunctional and its staff belive in peeri mureedi – I am exhausted and glad my father retired as the Chairman of Alcatel the year he did because that same year PTCL starting banging the media with Mr. One pound fish…  Maybe they should change their line of work to slapstick media production. 

If you in the G-9 office can read this then give a reason to not complain when you are asking me to put the cart before the donkey!

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