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There was a time when the war cry used to be 
(which was also known as The Kalima e Tauheed Translation: "There is none worthy of worship except Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.")  This was screamed out as our band of favorites of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) at that time openly embraced Islam (my religion) or went into battle to defend it!

Islam has always been a religion of peace and those who live in Saudi Arabia and the GCC country are very lucky.  Not because they are close to the Haram rather because Arabic is their native language and they have the ability to read and understand the Holy Quran like a normal book.  To me it is remarkable that for one of the youngest religions how rapidly it has grown and the Mureed of Allah are so many and so farfetched globally. 

Whilst the youth define their identity in scientology, atheism and anything that will give them an additional crutch to fuel the identity crisis I define Islam to be a very Modern Day Religion based on all the ideals of tomorrow.  If Buddhism teaches one about peace then Islam goes one step further and that is to embrace everyone with love and respect.  In Islam the rules are simple but if you break them then the consequence are dire but the harshness is only there to make you think before you act on emotion.

If you try to interpret the Holy Quran through its true sense then you would realize that you do not need a cleric to give you his or her version of the truth.  When you politicize any religion or add a price tag to any relationship then its value gets ridiculed and its original essence is torn apart. Pakistan and the Muslim world has had many a cleric that have sold their souls and preached about everything BUT Islam and planted hidden agendas into the souls of those who valued their interpretations.  Hypocrisy has shown that whilst these clerics have construed a meaningless version of the west they at the same time have secured financial if not residential interests for themselves and their offspring in the likes of those countries that they openly despise.

Today a religion like Islam that has peaceful answers for every modern day problem that arises or will arise is depicted as a radical movement.  This is not by those who value and understand religion but by those internally who rile up the devotees of Islam.  Why is it that every Friday things are peaceful until the Jumma Khutba?  The minute the prayers are read all the Jamaat expectedly turns into savages and as well all know Friday which is mean to be a Holy day is anything but Holy because the Pakistani Awaam are depicted to be playing Holi with the blood of the innocents.

Ok if you talk about Holi with Blood then I would like to tell you that every battle fought in the name of Allah and every drop of blood spilled in that time was to defend our faith, values and protect ourselves!  Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) always said that (loosely translated) that life is very precious and it is better to be a live hero than a dead Martyr but if one should fall in battle in the name of Allah then that soul would be favored on the day of judgment.  Today, Martyrdom is misconstrued by those who wage wars upon society to fuel their own interests.  (Clerics)  Never was it allowed in the times of our Holy Prophet (PBUH) to have had an innocent child sacrifice themselves for a cause they were innocent to.  In those days the most favorite one (PBUH) lived through an example of love, peace and understanding. 

The world became a Martyr to his (PBUH) love for Allah because Islam was spread with one message and that was that unlike its predecessors it was not forced upon people rather they were allowed to embrace it with love.  If you are lucky and at your age have the ability to read and inwardly digest information then I feel as a Muslim it is in your favor to study, learn and understand Arabic.  Once you do that you will be able to read the most amazing book ever handed down by Allah and entrusted upon mankind to follow until the Day of Judgment!  If you are Muslim then you are blessed beyond belief because the Almighty has already through his Messenger (PBUH) sent you a gift and that is the perfect way of life.

Our Holy Quran will teach you how to love & respect your mother (women) it will tell you how to manage pain and misfortune if ever cheated and most of all it will tell you that violence in any form is not favored by Allah or his Messenger (PBUH).  Before you go out today looking to find a “politically” correct version of Islam that is told to you on the eve of Christmas that will only divide us further I would like to suggest you clean yourself (internally as well – mind and soul) and open the Holy Quran yourself and take a minute to find those answers you are looking for that I assure you will be filled with love!

I hope this Christmas you will be a true Martyr for Allah and ignore any form of hate, prejudice, and diverse thought that will go against the values you will find in the Holy Quran!  Today ignore the clerics and live and let live…  Because love & tolerance are the true ways of Islam! 

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  1. Very nice post. I will recommend you to read a book called Nahjul Nalageh by Imam Ali it is filled with science and love towards Allah and his messenger Mohammad (pbuh)