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Frankly speaking I hate feudalism because any form of peeri mureedi other than that to Allah I feel is forbidden.  Also I feel the educated peers are the worst of the lot because they know how to work the system and manipulate it to their liking in which the rest of us suffer whilst they fill their pockets with booty in cash or kind. But there are the innocents and amongst them I feel strongly was a great visionary the Late Benazir Bhutto better known to her friends as “Pinky!”  Now if I had to l write a letter to the Yakuza it would go something like this…

Dear Insanely corrupt world!  Pinky is a terrible politician because she has faith in the people and I feel she will not do well in your war against corporate espionage but as a leader she is extremely strong and has the ability to say what she feels which is what you feel as well.  She being a strong mother will step in and pay for those sins that we blame her lineage for and I must say that she will make an excellent team player but it will be too late before the world can understand her vision.  Sadly however, no matter what she has achieved the world will only remember her for the mistakes of those around her! However I do recommend that before you pass your verdict and dismember the “pinky” it would not be harmful to give another try or at least her ideology!

I personally love the Samurai way of life and specially the Yakuza because they don’t bump you off like the Italian mob or our Karachi gangsters in suits.  They ask you to dismember yourself with a “Tantō” which is a samurai dagger but you begin with the pinky finger which you remove when you make any error worth being punished for.  However the Samurai Ideology is similar to what Benazir fought for because if one comes to think of it one needs to take the following perspective into consideration.

I will call her Aunty Pinky because I have my reasons which I will disclose later but I feel that she even rose out from above the shadow of her father’s image for the following reasons.  She had been exiled and came back with a pure vision that was corrupted by the politicians not by herself.  She was a mother so understood the value (not concept) of Roti Kapra aur Makaan she was a wife so she understood the need to hold the entire country together with a smile regarding foreign policies.  She was educated so she understood the core Sindhi values and that were to protect the rights of rural women. Her greatest achievement was that she sacrificed motherhood to try to raise an entire nation of problem kids however the babysitters she entrusted had their own vested interests.

Every household has problems and so did hers but she was resilient that she left a mark on society and a benchmark for those who preceded her.  If you want to see the love that people feel for “BB” then one needs to ask those she touched and I don’t mean in Clifton and Defence or Bahria Town.  Go to those who had an open conversation with her and the ones she truly understood.  The Yakuza (Pakistan) dismembered her brutally when they could not control her and no matter what the reason was for removing her from the political body the reality was she was alive then and she still is alive now.

Please do not think I support PPP or any political faction with three letters but I do support an honest intention and she had several of them.  If the world could forget Dodi El Fayed & Aristotle Onasis but remember the grace and beauty of Diana and Jacqueline Kennedy then why won’t Pakistan have the courage to forgive Benazir Bhutto for what was not her fault?

I call her Aunty Pinky because I met her through an Aunt of mine when she first landed in Karachi upon return from exile.  After that I was partying at the beach in Florida at Eckerd College in the late 90’s and Jamshed Marker was our lecturer so he invited her as the Prime Minister of Pakistan to give the graduation speech to the exiting class.  I went along for the show being one of the few Pakistani’s to see what it was all about and was thoroughly impressed by the speech and I thought to myself what an amazing politician she was, I fell in love with her when all the Pakistani students were there that she asked me by my name how I had been keeping and If I still loved choc-bars!

In Pakistan politicians come and go within the blink of an eye but Pakistan had a visionary leader and I wonder if we will have to wait for another generation or two before we can support someone so worthy!

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