Monday, November 25, 2013



If one walks around the finance ministry these days I bet you the entire band of hooligans sitting in there are either the most uneducated fools that God ever created who think that they are the smartest bunch of overtly emotional teenagers listening to Britney Spears going because they just managed to flush down the hopes and dreams of another big percentage of Pakistan’s economy!

It is so hard to keep things going in this country between the Dharna’s, Saneha’s that I am quite surprised we did not add words like Kulsoom and Maryam to the list of clich├ęs people are protesting against these days!  How on earth can an entire government decide to drop the rate of fuel and the hike the value of the dollar by devaluing the rupee?  Are we playing satta inside the FBR?  Or has it been entered into the constitution that the people have no rights at all after all we voted for a government that was for the people or was it for ignoring the people?

How do you expect a man to survive and feed his family when one loaf of bread is going to cost him more than his ride to work?  What ridiculous jargon have these people been feeding us as justification for some endless crusade to sell, lease or barter away our civil rights and national assets?  How on earth are we to feed our children if we have to decide who to feed because one loaf of bread will feed only one child for a day when we have two?  Unfortunately the lions do not understand that their pride is not the only predominant faction in this Serengeti called Pakistan. 

We may be lawless we may be going towards self-destruction but why is it that no matter what mother prays for this country and who’s prayers are being answered the ruling cash obsessed fanatics will never realize that there are 18+ crore others out there who do not have range rovers and walk to work every day.  As a nation we are very thick skinned and I know for a fact that no matter what becomes of today we will wake up to try to survive tomorrow but this endless pain and suffering at no cause of the nation at all seems to be some silent vengeance being waged upon the entire awaam.

When will the people stand up, will it be after their country is sold of piece by piece to the multinationals or will the people protest when they themselves find that they are back in irons and chains like before 1947? Is the government struggling to put us in so much debt that we have to sell our souls to recover from it?  Each of these enlightened lot are not only playing ping pong with the lives of the masses but with the history and heritage of an entire country!  I am sure crime will come down people will calm down and all will go well if these goons in Islamabad could manage the kitchen expenses of Pakistan! 

It is disgusting that we have to live in financial fear and we are in constant stress because of the damn GDP…  I have another 3 words to say in the place of what is known for these three alphabets but it’s no use unless we as a nation rise above the ashes and stop focusing on cricket and start focusing on government issues that affect our ability to feed our families…

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