Sunday, November 17, 2013

LOVING PAKISTAN - (but from a distance!)

LOVING PAKISTAN -  (but from a distance!)

Five months ago I was down and out about the violence in our country, inflation and worried about all the security issues at hand and the political instability etc. basically I was being a typical Karachiite!)  That evening I went to Flamingo on boat basin and bumped into a school friend I had not met in over a decade as we started talking the conversation led to these thoughts that were on my mind.  This guy was such a patriotic chap he lived breathed and spoke only about Islam and Pakistan and was filled with such positivity about the country that I felt ashamed to be a Pakistani citizen. 

I was educated by him about what the perfect solution was to fixing all our matters politically and from an Islamic perspective and even listened to his opinions about how beautiful we are as a nation and we must look at positivity.  Sadly the conversation ended when he stood up bid me farewell to catch a flight and when I questioned where he was off to he floored me with “Home bro! Back to Toronto!”  Out of politeness I followed him to his car where he told me he had left ten years ago and now that was home to him but then after the “Insha Allah we will meet again!” and a friendly hug he bent down to the floor of his car and chucked three Beer bottles and two pint bottles of the desi stuff out on the curb and drove off.

It took me five months to write this post because it should be called “Hypocrisy” rather than the heading it has because I researched a lot about and am going to try to compress into this small diction here.  I am disgusted with those sloppy few who live under the crucifix or star of hypocrisy!  How can you live in London, Perth or Houston and tell me what the Holy Quran says over a “Heineken” and try to dictate solutions to political matters and who to vote for to us residing Pakistani’s via blogs and social media just because your daughters father in law Mr. Bharwani Singh told you that his Guru Jee had told him so when you both celebrated Diwali at the Indian High Commission!

I find it odd that those very people who spent their entire lives running away because they “could not hack it here” suddenly find Pakistani & Islamic roots at the doorstep of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, 10 Downing Street, or under the shade of some “Thawb” in the midst of a desert safari.  What irritates me is that here they were (I do not consider them to be citizens anymore) first class citizens had drivers, cooks, maasi’s but sold their identity and culture for a card that is not even the color it is called and eventually wound up cleaning toilets at Manchester, driving a cab across the desert, or becoming a dishwasher in an Indian “curry” restaurant in Melbourne.

I for one support racism and completely endorse the words “Paki’s, sand niggers, camel jockeys and curry boys” from now on because how on earth can a Briton respect a desi whose country fought for its independence and this chosen lot decided to run back to those who are still licking their wounds.  The reason the west has a bitter opinion about us lot is because these jokers call themselves anything but the citizens of the country they have been residing in for the past two decades. 

Also this lot is so obnoxiously desperate to start any kind of trouble here through their misguided offspring that has never set a foot down on Pakistani soil that it confuses the west like mad.  There is a saying “When in Rome do as the Romans do!” but why must we do what these clowns tell us to do so!  If you look at half of Azad Kashmir or well to be more specific Mirpur either you speak in “pahari” or well English with a crude cockney accent!  67% of the population has British Passports in Mirpur and they simply are quick to adopt national causes within a minute and love to use words such as “Shariah” & “Sunnah” also it is remarkable how these confused hypocrites suddenly stop playing victims and start loving and living everything Islamic and Pakistani once they have a quick exit insurance policy which will help them prove in this country they never wanted to have anything to do with it in the first place.

I wish we would stop listening to these people and not allow them back in here or give them a NOCOP NO Citizenship Of Pakistan card rather than a NICOP card.  Please if you walk the talk then speak your heart out otherwise the local bar serving Indian Pale Ale is somewhere close by and you wont have to pay the cab fare in your own taxi…

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