Thursday, November 28, 2013



Ok now that the KG elections are on and everyone is begging for votes I asked my father what his views on this whole drama was and who he would vote for.  Please note that I am quoting my father who is visually impaired and 76 years old so his membership number is in the first two thousand (he’s very senior) and has seen the club long before the menu card became commercial.

He told me that he would vote for anyone who would appreciate the value of the club where the members would be smiling and families were laughing in the halls.  The good times he told me was when Bomi P. Khambata was president of the club.  He said at that time promses made by the managing committee were kept and honored.  Memberships and friendships were not for sale and the food in the kitchens actually tasted good.   My dad went down memory lane and told me that even when Razak Bengali was standing for president (the year before Mr. Khambata) elections were fun…  there was all the nonsense about who to support but it was healthy and “innocent fun”.

He was so upset because people he had not even heard from or met in the past 5 odd years were texting him and calling to have a cup of tea because they had “serious matters to discuss”.  Oddly enough my father found it odd that with inflation on a the rise, security concerns of the city and our general lives being a bit certain due to the politics of the country how some people were more obsessed with getting a vote from someone they had never called to wish eid or on a birthday!

When you are my father’s age you have seen the good times and can see through rhetoric within a second.  It does not matter if he is visually impaired what matters are the words one thinks about and then utters.  My father is a kind man who is soft spoken but has achieved a lot in his life through honest hard work and what he told me next really made me think a lot.

He told me that the Gymkhana has been through its managing committee raising the fees regularly to complete the hotel and guest rooms that it has been building.  He said that he would vote for the man who would guarantee its completion because he himself along with his bridge buddies are exhausted being fleeced for something they believe will never happen in their life time.

Karachi Gym Khanas hotel room project has to be the slowest and hardest erection process that has ever existed in the History of Pakistan and all these people find it extremely odd because it is the most well-funded project by the members.  The thing is that they might never get to use or see it because it might be completed in 2050 at the rate at which it is going and they will all be dead. 

Also dad told me that it is pointless to start other construction projects to throw off the focus from the main core issue at hand because all of us members pay for it and start a new mini set of problems.  If you want my dad’s vote then please note that as a very senior member he knows who can and cannot live up to their promises.  So please when you text him or call him be honest and answer him when he will get to see what he as a member has contributed to being completed!

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