Friday, November 29, 2013


(My letter to the new COAS)

My Dearest Sir,                                                     Friday, November 29, 2013

I would like to congratulate you for the breath of fresh air that you will bring to the Pakistan Army as of Friday being its new supreme commander.   I use the term ‘dearest’ for you because you are the Chief Boy Scout of Pakistan.  Yes, I was a boy scout and in my scouting we were always told in our jamborees that this honor is bestowed upon the COAS.  I loved scouting because we earned badges for all our tasks and our little army instilled all the good attributes that one would find in an officer such as yourself.

As my new chief who will lead all the sons of our soil for the next term I am glad that a foot soldier who has walked the talk in the infantry division is at its command!  On your long march into this new position I would like to let you know that even though I am a civilian I respect this task that you have taken and pray that you will be wise to listen to the tribulations of the sons who will lay down their lives for you.  Sadly I am partially disabled and was not wise enough to accept the challenge of the uniform such as yourself but I would like to thank you for accepting the responsibility of protecting the soil where I took my first breath and ensuring its borders remain intact.

My appeal to you before you give your first executive order as you are not from the Armored or Artillery corps is that you have walked along our borders and protected them so please never reality of the ground situation because for the rest of your tenure you w are about to undergo a tremendous test of will, integrity, and power that is un-imaginable.  The chair you will sit upon is a chair that I respect very much and know that you befit the honor that follows with it.

Our country needs a chief who is impartial to the internal politics of this land and is incorruptible by the forces that work around him.  The Baluchi values that you hold true to your heart are very dear to me because they are all about family and I hope that this country does not judge you before it can understand you.  I would like to request you to humbly forget the aspirations that the parliamentary society will set for you and make your own decisions as to the future of our borders.

As I am a citizen who respects you and that office which will be entrusted to you I would like to let you know that my conception of a perfect Army Chief is one that can keep every mother smiling that has a son in uniform and make sure he is not responsible for the unnecessary death of his extended family.  I as a son of Pakistan expect you as my guardian to keep me safe from all forms of internal and external threats to me and my family.

I will expect you to be legendary in the aspect that you will help guide our politicians and keep them from swaying from their promises that have left us heartbroken over the decades.  I will fight for you and I will struggle for you if you promise to love us 18 crore like your own two sons and defend us from any form of wrong.  I promise I will not lend a helping hand to anyone who flexes their extreme values on defaming your office or you if you promise to ensure that you will empower Pakistan’s soldiers to act under the constitution of this great land and execute fully the vision of Muhammad Ali Jinnah!   

As a boy scout I salute you and wish that you too earn a badge for building bridges like I did but only between the people and the politician which seems to be an impossible task.  Your office is an office of peace and after going through your record released by the press I feel you will hold true to the values that your upbringing has instilled in you.  We are your family and we support you for who you are.  I for one pray for your happiness and good health but being a Muslim I am of the true belief that your actions will define what you are?  I pray that Allah grants you the wisdom to listen and the courage to execute what you feel right objectively without any prejudice towards anyone who will be a victim to any form of politics and I hope that you succeed in implementing your vision of the modern army that was envisioned by your predecessor.

My prayers are with you always because your soldiers are the reason we still exist so this Jumma Prayer I will pray for you that the Baton you will receive is never too heavy for you to tuck under your arm.

Respectfully Yours,

Amyn A. Ghulamali
(Common Man & Citizen of Pakistan – Karachi)

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