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The title bestowed upon a person of means the following according to Wikipedia
Shah (/ˈʃɑː/; Persian: شاه‎, [ʃɒː], "king") is a title given to the emperors/kings and lords of Iran and of India. We all know the Shah of Iran who is the most famous one to have been betrayed by those what had their own motives to do well via hidden agendas. 

Pakistan has also had its Shah who was best known in the circles for his playboy like ridiculous behavior that could be forgiven because of his smile.  Sadly this “Shah” was betrayed by those who he thought were so close to him yet to them he was a stranger emotionally.  A king is someone who knows how to rule and live by the sword and love ruthlessly till he dies.  A king is compassionate and forgiving and knows how to fight for those he loves and die for those he hates.  Most kings have been killed by those who loved him in their beds or poisoned emotionally by their vazirs they respected to a point that they would make bad decisions which in the end resulted in death. One of the attributes of being a king is that you live a very lonely life because you have subjects not friends who either need something from you or are jealous of you.  That was Shah Fuad Alam my only friend who was there for me when you sad lot were not!

Today I have the courage to say I miss him terribly and if I had on prayer that would be to sit with him and listen to all his loneliness because circumstances have stolen the luxury from all socialites to understand a person before we base a judgment.   When a person dies people usually say good things about him but with the case of Fuad people try to avoid his name in a conversation socially even though he is six feet under and only try to get social acceptance by adding to the shame they feel any affiliation of his name would bring to them.

Now let me tell you all I understood about Shah Fuad Alam.  He was the one King I knew who loved his friends who only loved what he had.  He shared his life and his soul with anyone who would smile at him Fuad was so stupid that he would go out of his way to fight for anyone he felt was being bullied and stuck up for those who never had a chance socially.  If you were nice as is said hello to Fuad at school he would ask you over for lunch and go out of his way to make sure you had the ice cream of your choice.  Fuad was one person who had the ability to carry your pain and turn it into his emotional war against who wronged you.  This king fought a war with the world yet to him “family was the most important treasure he searched for in his friends.

He desperately tried to have his own family but as we know there are queens and then the mistresses and somehow a mistress is only there when the going is good and that is what happened to him.  Fuad was my family who helped me conquer my insecurities and have the courage to be resilient.  He made me say its ok to fail as that is a part of life he showed me how to smile when the world left me all alone and he was there for me whilst his own castles burnt to the ground.  Fuad was the one person who knew how to love you when the world hated you and he was the one person in the world who would stand in front of you when it was your fault and defend you even though society hated you!

If anyone wanted a lesson in how to be a friend then one needs to learn from a King sadly that king is no more and I never got to bury him and pay my respects by he will always be my king and always be more than a friend.  I can only wait to meet him in the afterlife as we have an eternity to talk about what was left unsaid and I really want to apologize to him on your behalf why you only judged him and never understood the value of a Shah and I hope he forgives me for your not being there!

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