Monday, November 25, 2013



The other day I was jacked by two chaps in suits.  Got my cellphone, laptop and cash stolen (mind you I was coming from the bank)  They left my wallet and credentials but, this is the third time in the past year that this has happened to me and like you I too am one of the lucky ones not to have any bodily harm done to them.  I tracked down the morons who robbed me and when I sat across them I realized they were worse off than me.

Both these chaps were Fresh MBA’s in finance and that too from a very good college in Karachi.  They had a middle class background but were unable to find a job or for that matter ble to cope with the worldly issues presented before them after college & then a forced marriage.  My realization from these chaps who robbed me was as follows that this goes for the entire nation that it is up in arms.

We have 365 days in the year yet if you remove 104 days due to the weekends and then Pakistans religious holidays which adds up to another 36 and then if you take out other gazette holidays which add up to 23 you are left with 202 working days.  However, enter politicians, religious factions and any other person with a vested interest and you are left with 71 working days.  Those are the actual working days of last year!  Between the bomb blasts, Alamdar Road, Shahzeb Murder case, elections, drone protests and any other odd reason Pakistan shuts down faster than an eye can blink.

I am surprised we are not out on the streets as business owners because we have to yet play salaries and wages and overheads for 365 days of the year and yet face terrible internal challenges that are no fault of our own.  When will the people realize that all this is really bad for business?  When will we the common man get a chance to breathe without rushing to put out another fire created by some “ill fortune”.  As of yet we are going through an identity crisis and the fact of the matter is that no matter what you say or what you do or GDP is down our security (personal) is flushed down the toilet we are getting more and more frustrated.  And also it is predicted that a loaf of bread will soon be 300 rupees? 

Migration is not the resolve and neither is genocide related to the politicians what would help is that if the newer younger lot came to office.  People actually worked their way up through community service and were elected on the basis of adding value to the Pakistani life.  Can this government focus on such macro matters without dissolving the entire hopes and dreams of this country one does not know but it is surely worth a try to take a radical step  because more and more MBA’s will be out there looting and pillaging!  Pretty soon we will be back in the stone ages!

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