Friday, November 22, 2013



Since I am an “o” Level fail (I really am) I am going to stray away from normal assumptions made by analysts as i am not educated so i won't understand them and use some common sense.

It seems to me that everything is for sale these days…  I heard a shopkeeper tell a foreigner “everything is for sale here, depends how well you negotiate”… lately we have had a lot of religious holidays so we sold what was not ours to celebrate the beloved 72 martyrs by digging a few more graves near the GHQ.  I am a Shia and I do not blame the Sunni’s and I don’t blame the west and I don’t blame our neighbors and I am not going to take a sword and chase after my buddy because he did not wear black or say “La Baik Ya Hussain!”  Apparently “Branding God!” seems to be a really good business for quite a few people!

I am however, going to question what the wandering eye of justice was focused upon and how come “Suo Moto” was not screamed out when the innocent mothers had to bury their sons and wash away the blood whilst ironing more black clothes for another forty days.  We are all to blame because we are puppets to a bunch of bored brand mangers that we have elected repeatedly who have made our emotions a currency to be traded in by branding the sanctity of Religion and poisoned the love found in religion.

As we are commercially inclined the educated lot are worried if they will earn tomorrow and the really spiritually enlightened are sharpening emotional swords which they intend to use at some BTL activation after Jumma prayers.  The Brand Ambassadors of stupidity have been given some marketing plan that we the nation are stupid.  Sadly that one cannot argue with because we fuel these morons by lending them an open ear. 

If we are studying how to brand God then in this class room let’s understand that we are a nuclear army with a country that clearly respects a few raps on the wrist by the head masters baton because we clearly cannot enjoy the recess of democracy.  If we are to blame anyone then the list would be wrong and not at all long because our core marketing teams with the groomed beards need a bad shave.  The reason is that the purity of the beard is so long that when they stand at the prayer mat and look down they cannot see if the Masallah is pointed in the right direction or going round in hypocritical circles.

If you are Muslim then understand that in our religion “Islam” that spreads peace we never endorsed blood shed because The Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) never endorsed any form of conflict and unrest.  That was a time when we were an insignificant number and united.  Today we are the most powerful volume based commodity globally yet so divided.  If you are a Shia or Sunni then you are a Muslim and as I Shia I will apologize for those who harmed you because I want this insane business where lives are traded under a branded religious war cry to stop.  If you will not join me I cannot teach my child to respect the love that Hazrat Hussain & his 72 died for and we learnt from.

The most important thing I learnt from Karbala was forgiveness but the sad thing is everyone’s too busy recalling quarterly numbers in the form of hatred count as they have to exhaust some kind of blood budget or the other…  I hate the business element of Religion and I wonder if you will agree with me too…  

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  1. Brilliant read. Love the way you have infused a brand platform for religion. The Brand custodians have surely done a wonderful job of re-positioning the Islam brand towards violence, hatred, revenge and 'my god is better than your god' philosophy.