Thursday, October 10, 2013



I know of someone who paid a price for friendship at a cost that no person in this side of the bridge would understand.  Being not so pure himself he befriended a chap whom he had known all his life because the chap wanted help to sort someone out through his contacts. 

As time grew this relationship became one sided and it was all about stroking the inferiority complexed ego that he was used to himself by living on the “right side of the bridge”  His friend wrote emotional cheques that always bounced, made it a point to protect his own self-inflicted insecurities with liquid resolve that just added to his problems and the true victims of his social nuclear fallout were those who were closest to him which he could count on the fingers of both his hands.

This someone was used and abused like a “Saathi” condom being recycled in every way shape and form and yet he stuck by his principles of ignoring the buddy’s addiction to attention by giving him all of it and even more.  This someone who prided himself for being intelligent actually was a fool to have ignored the fundamentals and basis of addiction… “One more is never enough” 

Today this someone who had himself become a forced addict to humiliation had to resort to drastic measures at the cost of cutting the umbilical cord of disrespect and going cold turkey.  The sad thing about addiction is that once a person is an addict they are an addict for life… 

Sadly people do not understand that addiction is not chemical induced only… it is a state of mind for example what we refer to as “pathological liars” are those who have an addiction to lying.  The human mind and body produces enough of natural intoxicants that are safe yet become extremely volatile if a check and balance on reality and sincerity are not met.  The worst thing that an addict has to face are the memories of the past which will haunt them till their last breath… 

Never underestimate an addict (sheep) and never overestimate the Shepherd…

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