Wednesday, October 9, 2013



There was a man who struck the fear of God in those politicians who had no religion leave alone humanity…  he fought for humanity and then there was the same man who was so obnoxious that when the nation had boring debates he was invited due to his bold brash candid approach which would make the world’s most vicious scoundrels blush…  I remember there was a man who was as scared as he was fearless and his closest friends were strangers who believed in his ridiculous kamikaze approach to what was fair.  There was a man who once lived under the hypocrisy of projected fear and exposed the tyranny that every regime projected in the form of a safe future.  There was a man who the world thought would never die and live forever and countless candles were lit at altars praying that he become one of God’s favorites. 

There was a man who had the strength to question the wrong and fight for the right yet no one joined him in his battles only wanted the credit for his war victories… This man lived a life of sin according to the pure politicians whom he ever so often questioned and Lucifer was afraid that if he left this earth he might just install air-conditioning in Hades.  He was a nuclear arsenal of words that put the queen to shame when he put his pen to paper and he was a man who shook the foundations of what people believed to be convenient feudalism.  There was a man who was able to move urban mountains (buildings) single handedly and this man changed a lot through his volatile and super passive yet aggressively vicious passion for the truth…  There was this old man who drove around in a silver convertible in nothing but a straw hat yet had the biggest heart that a philanthropist could have possessed.

There was this man who as we know it was the last of the Mohicans, the flame that lives on in each of as the Samurai who had the sharpest sword in the form of wit and honor to defend what was right.  His body left this earth and as the news of his demise spread I thought that those who feared him the most had flocked like a murder of crows to see for themselves that this “thorn in their side” was actually not breathing.  As the last rites were performed and I saw these scoundrels there I realized that each and every one of them was there out of respect for the honesty and sincerity with which he had led his life.  I realized that even though many regimes have tried to engrave their legacy in the form of renaming buildings and airports this man had left his mark eternally on how one should define journalism in the purist form.

The man I am talking about is the man I miss the most today “Ardeshir Cowasjee”, he was my inspiration to face my fears and overlook the odds that challenged me and to always consider every situation with “the glass is always half full”.  I wrote this post in the honor and the loving memory of a person that many of us bloggers and journalists were secretly fond of but never supported publicly when alive and today I wish we have the courage to practice the honesty & integrity that he did in our version of the convenient truth that the media presents today!

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