Tuesday, October 8, 2013



In Pakistan everything sells and oddly enough what is so obnoxious as a brand name usually winds up getting millions examples are One pound fish – 7 crores from PTCL & a UK 1st class passport, Mr EYE 2 EYE – 2.5 Crores from Vimple (Mobilink) etc. amongst other endorsements and then last but yet least “Malala”

I am sure that the radical who tried to do away with her today stands at the prayer mat cursing his bad luck that she has become the poster girl for modern day yuppies and is now a convenient brand name that the Government and NGO’s can milk to get funding and distract the masses whilst the country goes bad to worse…

It is sad that a young girl is being prostituted by the various social organizations who are milking her mis-fortune and creating a monster that yet again they will be unable to control as we all know that the peoples of the KPK are a law unto themselves as the general social trend seems to go.   Why did I choose the word “Prostituted” because if you believe in the 5 pillars of Islam then modesty and humility are some of the fundamentals of our religion that billions die for and our so called charitable organizations are buying, selling and profiting from her name and misfortune…

It seems to me that all the social organizations have got their claws deep into this little girl who is now totally confused about her identity and makes statements like “I want to be a politician” whilst she takes pictures with the likes of Bono & Beckham’s does not have a clue as to how respected Pakistani politicians are.  I do not know why she is being martyred in their own separate Karbalas.  This is a girl who got a new lease on life and the press and everyone bought it, and owned it.  She is a teenager who does not know better and what the press, governments and NGO’s are doing to her has to be the “Mother of all emotional and social gang bang’s” in the history and according to me even superseded the scum that the Nazi’s pulled in World War 2.

Bakra Eid is coming and it will not surprise me if you find out one day she is gone and forgotten because she was just a number because another new more heinous victim of another obnoxious tragedy has popped up on the NGO’s & Government’s charts.  I hope that society realizes that they can only milk a child so much before she turns in a monster they cannot control…  Do we need another Dr. Aafia?  Do we need another reason to have Dharna’s / protests & shut down our cities?

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