Friday, August 2, 2013

66 & going strong! But Where?

66 & going strong! But Where?

As Eid and Independence Day are right around the corner the following quote is very befitting the occasion & current times - “You will not enter paradise until you have faith. And you will not complete your faith until you love one another.” - Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH)  

It has been 66 years since we got our so called freedom but now the average Desi Joe (Pakistani) like me is trapped with fear and insecurity that is felt more than a pedophile would in a US state prison.  Other than being torn apart more by internal petty crisis situations that are created by the so called wise powers that be our citizens have been driven by a state of fear for the past four decades or so. 

The nation has become numb to the mental, psychological, emotional and least of all physical abuse that has been forced down its throat ever since it can remember.  When you are in a prison and suffer you only experience pain for the initial first few minutes.  Then the auto-sensory self-preservation module in your mind kicks in and you feel nothing.  You are numb. (Yes I speak from firsthand experience of being incarcerated) Pain is only an extension of your level of perceived fear.

Anyways, back to the topic!  After all these decades I would like to ask you, our citizens as positions are handed out in the form or Eidi for Eid-ul-Fitr whilst many bakras (the awaam) will be slaughtered after we say our Eid Namaaz in Islamabad.  Forget having to grind axes now is the time to pull out your dullest daggers and ensure you have the right kind of friends that will help you twist them when needed.

I find it extremely sad that on the day we are supposed to celebrate our freedom we are trying to protect ourselves from being torn apart from within.  We blame the West for most of our problems and when we are not doing that we look to the east at our neighbors.  We never bother to look within our own selves as a nation but love to drop our trousers and show our dirty underwear to the world. 

As a nation are we truly independent on the 14th?  Can you drive down the road with your wife and kids holding onto anything more than a used Q-Mobile?  Do you feel safe at 5pm in Clifton, Karachi or Mall Road Lahore or even Saddar Rawalpindi like our grandfathers did at three am when they would drive or walk home from the Horse Shoe and KLM Lounge?   Is your safety behind bullet proof glass doors and windows and thirty armed goons who are there to protect you from the dogs whose salary you pay via your taxes?  Do you still have to pay extra to get your electricity bill reduced as the chap next door with a green number plate and tinted windows loves koondas? (Both electric and the food)

Sadly enough we created this mess for ourselves and eventually trapped ourselves in a corner exhausted.  When will we be free from these chains of insecurity and do you think you can make a change within yourself to make a better world for the next generation that does not have another passport? 

Ask yourself, how free are you in the here and the now?  Either ways I will refer to the statement that I opened this dialogue with “You will not enter paradise until you have faith. And you will not complete your faith until you love one another.” - Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH)  

I was listening to Iron Maidens – “Number of the Beast” whilst writing this and I realized that we are only one six away from damnation!   But nevertheless, Eid Mubarak & Happy “Independence” Day in advance!

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