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Its 23rd March 2013 today and as I sat down to write my post about “resolution day” I figured that I should look at the past.  So I did.  I remember in the late seventies and the early eighties when Zia was in power (not a great time BUT maybe a bit better) things were very different.

Ok we did not serve booze in our restaurants anymore and maybe the cabarets had stopped but we still had bands playing at the village in saddar in Karachi and I still remember that things had a charm to them.  Everything was special when it came around and extremely personal.  Birthdays were a time when my class fellows and I would invite everyone over to the home and we would be allowed by our parents to play all kinds of games organized by them like musical chairs and I specially remember the birthday bumps which we all used to get.  Eid was special as there was an excitement a couple of days before when the members of each home would start making clothes, sprucing up the house, preparing all kinds of exotic dishes and no one cared about their waistline and only in the fact that it was a time to celebrate.  If I can recall 14th August and 23rd March were so special to us at that time because the schools would make us be involved in special programs to decorate the school around patriotism, and the feel of pride and an overall joy was in the air…  We could walk on boat basin or sea-view and not be worried about anything if we went as families and felt generally safe as we could trust each other.  Bottom line! “we were innocent, we were not connected and most of all we were happy!”

I am not saying that there was NO evil in Pakistan because there was, but the only thing was society had such different values that if you were a kid the worst thing you could have done was “try” smoking and those kids who did were NOT “so cool”.  There were problems in those times but when we consider and compare them to today’s tribulations that we endure we are faced with the following realizations.  We were better off then, all our problems that we face today are self-created and caused by the seven deadly sins that we have committed and we are not willing to accept any solution that will cause discomfort to us.

I feel that there is a reality that we have not accepted.  I don’t think that most people in Karachi will ever accept the fact that the middle class has vanished and either you have money or you don’t.  Personally I feel that most people belonging to the right side of the bridge are resentful of the fact that someone from Nazimabad has the money to drive a Mercedes and has a US passport and is able to travel to the United States.  I also have seen that the 23rd March is just another day for us to take off and sit at home or go to the beach with a case of brew.

Today innocence is lost the minute you start speaking as a toddler because you have to be smarter quicker more adaptable to survive in a brutal society that will roger you the minute it gets a chance, and the minute you start understanding any language all you are baffled by the fast pace at which the world turns.  Today it is impossible to walk down sea view unless you are in a group of ten or more guys.  If you have any females with you then be rest assured they will not be looked at with decent eyes.   Kids today graduate from class 7 to 8 and the subjects are hashish and ecstasy parties along with hard liquor and a never ending supply of cash from the bank of Dad and Mom.  Parents would rather buy their way out of spending time in bringing up children and will focus on extra-marital affairs and trying to live up to their buddies who are the members of certain clubs in Karachi and are truly trying to live the “American Dream” (a credit filled life) by leaving a ton of debt for the next generation to pay off.

When I was growing up it was a cash based society and today we are all living in rented homes with huge credit card debts or mortgaging our homes to support a lifestyle which makes no sense.   Our values have changed completely.  In trying to simplify life by the use of technology we have allowed our cellphones, email and text messages to enslave us.  Cheap King Edward Cigars and fake knock off brand name clothing can easily be seen in restaurant of Zamzama in-fact the city of Karachi.  

If one reads all religious books or tries to understand any religion the person will realize that there is one common thing in all of them.  That is honesty!  We have lost the ability to be honest with ourselves leave alone each other and have denied the reality of the here and the now!  We choose to believe the lie that we are honest and when proof is thrown at us we react violently.  Another thing that is common in us as a nation is that we all are extremely emotional.  Most arguments in any situation happen either because we cannot handle our intoxicants or “izzat ka sawal hai”

With all of these things bundled together and our lust for living by the seven deadly sins it’s no wonder that we cannot live by the ideology that our nation was founded upon.  We seek refuge and justify everything with convenient religious connotations and hide behind twisted versions of what our Quaid (I am referring to the actual Quaid e Azam Mohd. Ali Jinnah not any other recently self-appointed so called Quaid!) actually quoted. 

I am at a deadlock as how to end this blog because I can keep bitching and moaning about what is going on but that will not present any solution so I guess I will simply ask you (my generation) to compare what times were like in the 70’s & the 80’s and how free do you feel now that you are so connected? Can we continue to live like this? What solution do propose starting with you?

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