Sunday, March 10, 2013



A few days ago I was listening to Eminem and the words “will the real slim shady please stand up” were still running in the back of my mind along with the tune!  It’s kind of catchy but made me think that when will we have another option to run our country. 

We have been juggling between the Parliament, Judiciary and the third branch of government for the longest period of time yet we seem to be playing ping pong with a few circus clowns right now in deciding which party will be the lesser of all the evils out there.  When I was living in Islamabad and heading a US Technology company I was very fortunate to have a CEO who was a Gora Texan.  As he was leaving Pakistan he bestowed his observation about our people which I could not argue with and that was that a human being has 22 strands of DNA but Pakistani’s had 26 strands of DNA because nature had added 1) arguing and negotiating for a quick buck, 2) our country was filled with people who constantly complained about the self-created situations that they had fought for, 3) we were overtly emotional and that took over our rational thinking when it came to politics and government, and lastly 4) we were too divided amongst ourselves for the silliest reasons. 

It’s sad that I could not argue with him as I realized that this is so true.  Us Pakistani’s are easily influenced by anything and ready to buy into any rumor that runs around just to be socially accepted.  I realized that today most Pakistanis are surrounded by people yet they are the loneliest people as far as their ideals and values go.  It is so sad that we are easily mislead by those who we love to hate and yet have foolishly fallen for emotions over these people. 

We have treated the sanctity of the Presidency and Prime Ministers House with no respect and have allowed them to be used simply like a cheap PTDC motel in the remote areas that accepts the highest bidder for short term stays.  We allow our politicians to misuse our  government resources and we allow corruption to run its course throughout the five rivers and from east to west as and when it suits us.

Yet when we want to be socially “normal” we will tweet and forward emails by those and readily accept that corruption is wrong (having endorsed it when it suited us) and that the present government that we voted in (because it suited our short term needs) must go.  We are willing to fight any cause and desperately want to belong to the right cause because we so badly want to fit in. (with God Only Knows what!)

What we all must realize is that if we want an educated Parliament and National assembly then those who are educated must stand up and claim their seats.  We are an educated lot that can make a difference if we only put our emotions to the right use and fight for what we actually want.  When will we realize that we have to satisfy our needs (basically, all the amenities that we pay for any ways) and then all our wants will automatically get satisfied.  I know so many people who would make up an entire honest government but none of them are willing to take the time and come forward.

Everyone would rather let someone else do the dirty work.  If we want change then we have to need it badly enough to stand up for it.  One man started a trend and the government was forced to listen.  He had the ability to make those on thrones come and sit in a container and listen to what he had to say.  It does not matter about the aftermath but the thing is he proved that anyone can do it.  It does not matter what the pirates in the press and media made us believe as they  themselves are as ruthless if not worse than what the privileged elected few are.

All I know is that I was doing the numbers and I realized that the “Burger” awaam which is 7+ % of the entire population makes about 70+% of revenue than what the awaam does.  So just imagine that if all these “burgers” got together and said enough to the chutney filled elected bun-kababs what would actually happen.  If we planned this right and actually took ownership of this nation (not claimed to be related to Jinnah over a cigar and single malt when half inebriated at some social club) we would be able to steer it right.

My CEO before he left told me that I was the luckiest guy to be a citizen of this country because it had everything from minerals and coal to the most beautiful waters (seas & rivers) and yet the most unfortunate poorest guy because everything had a for sale sign on it starting with integrity!  These words are still ringing in my head to this day.  I just pray that we soon will realize that we have many options all we have to do is sit and think about them, but the change must come from within each of us!

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