Sunday, March 3, 2013



Seems like the wild-west in this country as its population are not citizens rather “Survivors”.  Every day as one wakes up in Pakistan I’m sure that subconsciously they say a prayer to survive the day and make it back home.  Life is unexpected here in this country and people who know how to live from moment to moment and are able to adapt to all the excitement caused by bomb blasts and kidnapping are very lucky!

Seems that every Pakistani is aware of the fact that government vehicles are being used to chase and abduct women as well as kidnap people from shopping malls, and that “waderas” kids run around with a bunch of hired goons killing people aimlessly just to prove that because daddy is something they can.  There is a constant threat to security and mobile phone snatchings are a common story of the day.  On one hand the country is out of resources and the price of fuel cannot be decided so half the petrol pumps are shut, whereas on the other hand politicians have choked up Clifton in Karachi to celebrate the engagement of one of their own and amidst black labels and sushi they are celebrating and have used up all the law enforcement resources to protect themselves for God only knows what when the law and order situation is at its worst.

The elections are supposed to be around the corner and everyone is busy with chasing down the press and government bodies with their own agendas which include verification of fudged college and inter degrees.  The press is at its best because so much is happening that it has its hands full and often stories with the most amounts of gore and disgust are shown as breaking news.  Bottom line – if there is peace and quiet for a day we think the Gods must be crazy…  All we choose to do is fashionably join in a dharna and chant “Labaik Ya Hussain” and scream to be recognized as victims of sectarian injustice.  Don’t even think of mocking me about the last sentence because I am also a Shia. 

We all recognize and scream that terrorism has no religion yet we choose not to do anything about it.  Why don’t people realize that they have so much power in them and take a stand about what they believe in?  Everyone loves to bitch and moan about the fact that they have less working days and that it is “oh so hard to survive” in this country, then why don’t we as a nation stand up and take charge.  It seems that we have been receiving revenge for the past five years and are swallowing the fact that we will bear witness to another five years of insanity.  People only talk about running away to Canada or anyplace that will accept them but no one wants to take responsibility for fixing the problems here.  When it comes time to vote every average yuppie will tell you that they just don’t bother, yet will blame the country and not their own ignorance when the situation does not change.

If you want change then stop bitching about it and go out there and hold those people accountable that you have put in charge.  After all you are paying their salaries and you are paying for the green plated vigos and land cruisers that are abducting, raping, molesting and violating your civil rights.  Why is the nation so scared to take matters into its own hands?  Hang a few of these guys and set an example that the society will not tolerate it any more.  What we are facing is a twisted form of social Karo Kari and it is affecting us all.  Everyone, of us wants to go to heaven but not one of us has the convictions to die for it.  Everyone wants the seventy two virgins only they want it here on earth… 

The people need to rise and take a stand otherwise stop moaning and groaning whilst silently enjoying a false sense of convenient government that suits temporary needs.  We all need to stop being so damn selfish as far as this country is concerned and accepting the lotas given in the goody bags at Mohatta palace.  Rather than running we need to turn on these cowards who we have empowered so much and take back what is really ours which is “freedom”.  We must stop surviving conveniently in Pakistan…

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