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In World War 2 the Nazi’s out of frustration donned swastikas and committed genocide by trying to eradicate the very existence of the Jews.  In the United States right after the civil war the white people donned white hooded masks and robes and formed what is still today feared by all colored people known as the “KKK” and committed hate crimes against all races not equal to their own.  In Africa people mutilated and wreaked unjustified horrors on whoever was in their path.  In the sub-continent the British ruled this land as did the Europeans with French Guinea and its territories mercilessly.  In all these examples atrocities happened until the people could not take it anymore.

In Pakistan this has been going on for decades internally in the form of one class of people being brutally violent towards another be it because their last name, money, religious or social affiliations has made them feel that “Karo Kari” and other vicious acts of violence are justified as they have the right to enslave human beings in any form be it physical, mental or emotional.  Whether we like it or not in Punjab the “Chaudharys” or “Nawabs”, In Sindh the “Waderas” In Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtoon Khwa the “Sardars” or “Khans” as they are known have always considered themselves above the law in some form or order due to some unwritten self-justification.

As the times have changed and we are all able to communicate at a much faster rate than before due to the advancements in technology and media, it is clear that the common man is armed with a cellphone.  He may be a beggar at a streetlight that does not know how to spell but he or she will surely know how to text and or forward a message in voice or any other form.  What the educated world has forgotten and what these power hungry people who think themselves above the law have totally forgotten is the fact that even the most illiterate of people in our country may not have gone to school but are aware of their rights.

The Shahzeb murder case is an example of the fact that people have simply had enough and have demonstrated that they have time on their hands, endless technology to support them and when united they have the ability to make those sitting high up on their thrones listen to their demands.  I always thought that the Shahzeb murder case was about a bunch of people out on a bloodlust to see if they could have a Wadera hanged and I realized it to be true to an extent.  But that is not the whole story.   I realized as I dug further that people who support this cause are right and have the same desire that most people of this nation have (but choose not to express it) is the fact that they have had enough!  People want accountability and they have the strength to be able to do it.  I learned that no one wants to be on the receiving end of brutality any more.

The cries for justice in-fact are not an insane frenzy fueled by a subliminal motive, in fact they are justified by those who want a change.  I was very surprised to find that everyone I spoke to even if they did not want to stand on the front lines was eager to see Shahzebs murderer hanged (and I mean hanged from the neck until dead).  Everyone and I mean everyone wanted to have an example made of this guy who thought of himself as above the law and thought that he would get away with it.

Another example of people having had enough is the Tahir Ul Qadri affair.  People only joined him because he challenged power and had the guts to stand up against who he believed was wrong.  Incidentally so did a few citizens who took up his cause as they also for some reason had had enough of being made the mickey out of in some way or another.   To the ruling or elite I bet these must seem to be the signs of an apocalypse in a perfect world where no one questioned a land lord or someone with money and to those who have thought themselves superior in some way.

There has always been sectarian violence in Pakistan in some form of another and those who want to stay in power are definitely happy with it in fact they fuel it by creating chaos and anarchy themselves to distract the common man from his daily problems such as inflation, extreme needs etc.  The perfect example of this was the episode that happened on Alamdar Road.  The only thing is that the forces that be, did not expect the controlled anarchy to go way out of hands and for a few thousand people to land up at Bilawal House.   

I can quote many more examples but these really stand out and I must say with the elections at hand and with all the politicians shifting loyalties this government ever since its inception has only managed to create more inflation and rather than build anything has managed to fire-fight situation after situation and go a full fifteen rounds of boxing without a break.  Also it has been realized that the people will not stand for any more nonsense and want a honest environment to live in.  The people are armed with more than physical weapons and that is intelligence and awareness that is fueled by years of oppression.  

The only way that those fearing a revolt are able to deal with it is that they stop communications.  Well in Jurassic Park (movie by Steven Spielberg) there was a quote that “life will find a way” and that is how we have managed to find ways to communicate through skype, viber, email etc. even if the phone lines are off.  Hell if us Pakistanis were the first in the world to create the first computer virus in the early eighties and paralyse the pentagon, we sure as hell can find a way to communicate.  We are a jugaroo smart nation after all.

If these are the signs of an apocalypse for anyone living a lie then a harsh reality is about to hit them.  The people in my opinion will see Alamdar Road, Shahzeb Khan and for the future they will definitely ensure a complete accountability.   The people have had enough and I’m quite sure if you are reading this you your self have had enough in some way or another.  

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