Friday, February 15, 2013



I was just sitting and thinking about the TUQ affair! I realized that this modern day fanatic is being brushed aside because he has bruised the egos of the powers that have so fiercely bullied and robbed and pillaged this nation.  These are the very same powers (any branch of the government) that have managed to turn a blind eye and close their ears to the painful cries of our nation.  For the past few decades this nation has deteriorated into one of the most volatile place to live in.

When I had a discussion with some of this nations citizens that were well into their eighties they told me stories of how Pakistan used to be.  Today their stories of the past are hard to believe when faced with the daily living conditions of this country created by a selfish few that have somehow or the other managed to dupe this nation by getting themselves elected again and again.  From the tales of these few people I realized that our nation was a very rocking place at one time.  I am forced to believe these stories as when I was a child I remember driving down the US Consulate road and always looking at the consulate without any walls of any type.  I remember the freedom that we all had when we used to go to the beach and the concept about discovering a mutilated body in a gunny sack was unheard of.

I stray far from politics and discussions about religion and do not condone terrorism or anarchy in any form but what Tahir Ul Qadri has managed to do is quite evident.  He has openly shown that if we all revolt and stand up eventually we will cause people to listen.  I am not condoning his actions but it is clear that when a mob threatens the comfort of those in power even they have to bow down and listen.  They may not agree to execute honestly what they will say they have done (for example there is no talks of dissolving the government and installing a caretaker government yet) and holding elections on time.

Tahir Ul Qadri has proven that (irrespective of his agenda) his low tech approach similar to radicals like Malcolm X and even pacifists like Dr. Martin Luther King can make a difference.  He has shown to the world that there is a power within the people.  Also another thing that TUQ has exploited is that he turned the people against those who gave them over a million arms licenses (these are the only ones that are legal and we know about) so it made the armed forces also think about the fact if they wanted to come onto the streets and get into guerilla warfare.  His agenda was simple, he convinced the people of this entire nation to ask the following five questions subliminally (who, what, when, where & how).

TUQ also used one of Gandhi’s philosophies “at first they will laugh at you… then they will mock & humiliate you & eventually they will join you”.  This proved true as he did build up a following and what the powers that be thought as an insane man’s agenda turned out to be their worst nightmare.  It does not matter who is right or who is wrong and if TUQ is nuts or whatever.  Forget what nationality he holds; forget who’s funding him and all the conspiracy theories.  What happened in the history of Pakistan was that David went up against a very stubborn and pissed off Goliath and got his attention…  I would like to remind the nation that TUQ only won a battle but now the war has been going on for many decades and will continue to do so.  The funny thing is that if the nation loses the war it will be because it’s due to internal issues which has always been the problem.

The really funny thing is that the powers that be have just realized that they have to listen to the people and I would not be surprised if there will be many more live heroes that will sprout up.  As a nation we are only used to honoring dead martyrs, it’s about time Pakistan realized that many people will emerge as heroes in some way or another.

Just my two bits!

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