Monday, February 25, 2013


Freedom Parda Parks

I have always been one to mock and laugh at women wearing an abaya / burqha and like most of my fellow citizens I have referred to them as “Ninjas!” but yesterday I met with a scholar who was talking about women, women’s rights in Islam and I realized that there is a lot of pressure on these women and they simply just do not get a break.  As I kept on discussing I realized that Females are considered as the weaker sex not only in Pakistan but globally and that they are constantly on the defensive when it comes to surviving in this “man’s” world.  To add to that if they belong to Islam they are more imprisoned by restrictions and laws that I felt imprisoned them.

As this scholar kept rambling I lost interest and whilst physically still in the room my thoughts wandered off into another dimension where I was contemplating how we could give “Muslim” women freedom and liberation.  Just as I was pondering all of this our entire nation went dark with one of the biggest black outs caused by an error at the national power grid.  On my way home I passed by a few parks where in the spring humidity I saw families hanging out in public places that they thought would be safe and majority of the women were “yes” burqa clad.  Then it all of a sudden struck me how to give women their freedom to a certain extent…

I realized that we love to make parks but a month after they are made they get vandalized and become havens for dating and all kinds of illegal activity even though the idea is to make them for families.  Why doesn’t this government make a few parks in every city that will have a walking track, a gym, and snack points and maybe a clinic and convenience store catering to women’s needs.  This park should be surrounded by fifteen foot walls and barricades where only women will be allowed to enter.  It should be managed by women as well as policed by female police officers and anyone working there should be a female.

This will allow our Muslim women a place to remove their burqas and abayas and give them at least a sense of freedom to some extent.  The concept is to allow these women to meet and communicate and talk with one another without the fear of violating any of the billion restrictions on them in anyway shape or form.  These women are our mothers, sisters and daughter who will bear the next generation so why not go an extra mile and make safe havens for them and give them a bit more comfort than they already have.

I know many of you will laugh at me but it’s only an Idea and something we should look into as after all we all have to answer to our own conscience at some time.  As I end this I am curious to know as to how many people will laugh at my concept and how many will share it and agree with it…


  1. This idea might seems funny but if we see how these parks are "occupied" by certain immoral ppl, then its a good idea to provide some freedom to eve's daughter, or may rather than building barricades, we could hand over maintenance and security of these parks to any NGO (working to promote & encourage women) rather than handing it over to negligent authorities.

  2. few girls have the courage to speak up the way you advocate women's rights in our Hippocratic society.
    Keep it up!!

  3. The idea is great, but I think you should consult one of the educated burqa ladies, who have adopted it rather being forced at it. Ask then do they want family outings or women only outings ? Regards Sultan Hamdani

  4. you were pretty careful with your words and thoughts. I like that.. Well written but you might need to elaborate the point a bit more.
    Yes it has to start from some where.. clading the women in burqa shouldnt mean to take away all what life has to offer there arrangements should be made to make em able to enjoy life.

  5. Yours is not a novel idea. Such ladies parks are already existing in many parts of the country. I know at least two cities with exclusive ladies only parks. One in Bahawalpur and also in Abbottabad. Details of facilities as you mentioned are also possible. Anyhow it's a good idea.

  6. Amyn

    As a permanent Hijabi let me tell you that, oppression, restriction, and lack of freedom has nothing to do with Islam. No other religion, if followed properly allows the liberties to women as much as Islam does.
    The restrictions that are imposed on women are mainly cultural not religious. The wearing of Abayas and burqas is a personal choice that woman make to stay comfortable, abayas and burqas are not restrictive in any matter. secondly Islam has not stated that women in Islam where abayas, all Islam has required out of a woman is to wear clothes that cover their body, are not figure hugging and are not see thru. if these conditions are met our Pakistani shalwar kameez is perfect enough. which means that an addition of a headcover remains must. therefore the choice to wear burqas and abayas remain with women, they choose to wear it and are not imposed to do so.
    having freedom parda parks is a good idea but i doubt woman who take the hijab will use it without the hijab coz it's not restrictive for them, and woman who wear abyas for comfort only will continue to do so regardless of the facilities provided to them